Book Dreams: Volume 1

Book Dreams I - Cover

Here, we present the talents of assorted artists. In this collection you will find short stories, continuations, and poems that encompass the hidden treasures of today’s uprising authors. May their words influence you as much as they have influenced mine. 

This collection includes:

  • “Ying to Yang” a poem by Ani H. Manjikian
  • “Snappy and Dashing” by Adam Dreece
  • “Road to Nowhere” by WJ Howard
  • “From the Inside” by Toi Thomas
  • “April Fool” by Timothy Bateson
  • “The Quilt of Belonging” by Laura McHale Holland
  • “Anamnesis” by Ash Krafton
  • “The Archive of Sinners: Priti” by Sanzaki Kojika
  • “Here There Be Dragons!” By Tyrean Martinson
  • “Through My Eyes” by C.T. Callahan
  • “Retribution Served” by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra
  • “Mother/Earth” a poem by Charlene Diane Jones
  • “Continuum” a poem by Charlene Diane Jones
  • “The Unborn Dreaming the Born” a poem by Charlene Diane Jones
  • “My Sea of Dreams” a poem by Angela B. Chrysler


  • Short Story
  • Anthology
  • Poetry
  • Excerpts

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