Quote Of The Week #6 – Paul Coelho “Social Networking”

QuoteOfTheWeek-Paul Coelho-SocialNetworks
Posted :
March 16, 2019
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Paul Coelho is a Brazilian author who’s work has been translated into a number of different languages worldwide. He is probably best known for “The Alchemist”, which he was able to write in only two weeks, because the story was “already written in his soul”…

Quote Of The Week #5 – Ray Bradbury “Writers”

QuoteOfTheWeek-Ray Bradbury-Writers
Posted :
March 2, 2019
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Ray Bradbury is possibly one of the most influential multi-genre writers in terms of the variety of media formats. His work includes short stories, novels, plays, screen plays, and more.

Quote Of The Week #4 – Albert Einstein “Art”

QuoteOfTheWeek-Albert Einstein-Art
Posted :
February 23, 2019
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Albert Einstein is one of those people I love to quote, because he said so many things that stick in the mind. Since he was my QOTW last week, I won’t repeat his bio here…

Quote Of The Week #3 – Albert Einstein “Understanding”

QuoteOfTheWeek-Albert Einstein-Understanding
Posted :
February 16, 2019
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Einstein is possibly one of the best known names and faces in the physicals world. But few people remember that he started his career as a patent clerk, was a self-taught violinist, that he was critical of capitalism, or that he is reported to have said that his biggest mistake in life was recommending that President Roosevelt develop the atomic bomb.

Quote Of The Week #3 – C.S. Lewis “Eggs”

QuoteOfTheWeek-CS Lewis-Eggs
Posted :
February 9, 2019
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C.S. Lewis was a writer and theologian, who is probably best known for his “Chronicles of Narnia” stories. As a close friend of J.R.R. Tolkien. and fellow faculty member at Oxford University it’s easy to see how they may have influenced each other’s work and beliefs.

Quote Of The Week #2 – H.P. Lovecraft “Writers”

QuoteOfTheWeek-HP Lovecraft-Writers
Posted :
February 2, 2019
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H.P. Lovecraft was an early 20th century writer, best known for his large number of short stories that appeared in pulp magazines. Despite the amount of material he produced, he was virtually unknown while he was alive, and died in poverty. However, his influence on other writers cannot be denied,

Quote Of The Week #1 – Stephen King “Monsters

Posted :
January 19, 2019
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Stephen King has published over 50 novels and a vast number of short stories. Having won a number of awards for his work, it is only fitting that he be described as the “King of Horror”. As such, King is well versed on the monsters and ghosts that each of us harbors inside us. King is well known for showing the darkness that each of us tries to deny, but even the strongest of us can succumb with the right circumstances and provocation.

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