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Stephen King has published over 50 novels and a vast number of short stories.  Having won a number of awards for his work, it is only fitting that he be described as the “King of Horror”.  As such, King is well versed on the monsters and ghosts that each of us harbors inside us.

King is well known for showing the darkness that each of us tries to deny, but even the strongest of us can succumb with the right circumstances and provocation. 

The Ghosts

There are also ghosts within each of us, some buried deep, and others so close to the surface that they are easy for others to see.

These ghosts are the wounds of our past, among them might be:

  • The betrayals of loved ones and friends.
  • The suffering of loved ones, which we are unable to prevent.
  • The mental and emotional wounds from the fights we’ve endured over the years.
  • The mental and emotional wounds caused by the horrors of war, bullying, rape, or even family conflicts

Our ghosts are the wounds caused by things that happen to us, or that we do to ourselves. Because we are all individuals, we handle those wounds in different ways.

However, we cannot help but be shaped by them in some way, no matter how minor.

The Monsters

Our monsters are the darkness that hides inside us, waiting to take form in thoughts, and deeds that cause pain to us or others.

Sometimes these monsters are obvious, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anger management problems
  • Impulse control issues

Other times, they might be more subtle, like

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Personal insecurities
  • Intolerance

How Writers Bring Ghosts & Monsters To The Page...

The ghosts and monsters within form the core of the emotional and mental makeup that writers use to craft believable characters.

They are also what we use to drive our plots, and create the conflicts that keep readers interested in our stories.

  • Who doesn’t love it when a hero overcomes a deep-seated fear to complete a stage of their quest?
  • Who doesn’t feel for the villain who lashes out at the world that denied him the opportunities afforded the hero, and bullied him into submission?

In “The Shadows Over Seattle” stories I strive to create characters that are shaped by the events of their pasts. In fact the “Prequel” stories show just some of those events that will shape the build up and outcome of the plot.

The Early Years

Three of the “Prequel” stories are currently available, with more to come:

Go ahead and check them out, and find out why reviewers have said the following about “Under A Hunter’s Moon”:

  • “I love the dark view taken but also the unique point of view that makes you want to care for the dark creatures.”
  • “You’re going to feel the protagonists pain. You’re going to feel everything.”
  • “If you enjoy shifter stories, this one is a great Urban Fantasy short story that introduces you to some characters that you’ll definitely need to know more about!”

And remember, even a brief review can help other reader decide if a book is worth taking a risk on.

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