Book Review
"The Wrath of Atticus"
by Lesley Donaldson

This is the second book in the V'Braed Trilogy. Readers who want to read the series in order should pick up "The Queen's Viper" first.

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THREE PATHS DIVERGE IN THE WOODS: The queen’s, the hunter’s, and the assassin’s.

Grudgingly obligated to help mortals prevent a prophesied war, Viper’s torn between serving Queen Elizabeth II and satisfying her own revenge against Annys. Visions of the past reveal that the mysterious Atticus has hunted Viper since the Iron Age, when she aided in Queen Boudica’s rebellion against invading Romans.

Before Viper uncovers the truth about Atticus, an assassin arrives from Veyandra, the Otherworldly home she has never seen. He brings a warning she can’t ignore. By the summer solstice, Viper must kill a traitor-princess or new enemies will decide Viper’s untimely fate for her.

“The Wrath of Atticus” weaves Celtic mythology and British history into a new kind of fairy tale. In this fast-paced blend of historical and contemporary grimdark fantasy, anti-heroine Viper is the fairy you’ll love to hate or hate to love.


"The Wrath of Atticus" Reviewed

“A worthy follow up to The Queen’s Viper”

Very simply put, Donaldson hits a home run with this second book in the series.
The Queen’s Viper was a great book in its own right, but Wrath of Atticus builds on what we have learned of Viper and her worlds (past and present) and ramps everything up several levels. But Viper still knows very little about who she is, and what has happened to shape the person that she has become.
Joined by the few friends she has modern England, and bound by the desire to uncover her past, Viper’s journey is really just beginning.
What follows is a wonderfully crafted story driven by the mysteries surrounding Viper, the mysterious V’Braed newly arrival from Veyandra, and the recent activities of Atticus Appraisals and Archival.
The number of twists in the story is simply amazing. When you reach the end and you’re left with a profound revelation that makes so many pieces fall into place that you can’t help but admire the story craft involved in making it all happen.

  • Review originally posted on Amazon February 1st, 2019

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Also Available In The Series

Time heals all wounds. Except hers.
Will immortal Viper overcome the power surging within herself even as Queens of Britain try to control her?

To enhance the life-magic of the people she feeds upon, Viper ensures Tudor Princess Elizabeth becomes Queen of England. The villainous immortal also seeks a Crown Jewel that stirs up her repressed memories. Her quest to find her past throws her into the path of malevolent Annys. Annys entraps Viper for centuries. In modern London, Viper inexplicably escapes. She enlists her Foundling, Mouse, to overcome immortal magic and human power as she seeks revenge upon her nemesis and the descendants of the humans who helped Annys, starting with Queen Elizabeth II.

Readers will love anti-heroine Viper in this grimdark blend of historical and contemporary fantasy in a fairy tale like no other.

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