Quote Of The Week #3 - February 9th 2019

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About C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis was a writer and theologian, who is probably best known for his “Chronicles of Narnia” stories. As a close friend of J.R.R. Tolkien. and fellow faculty member at Oxford University it’s easy to see how they may have influenced each other’s work and beliefs.

Lewis was as widely known, in his time, for his wartime broadcasts and writings on Christianity that attempted to remain non-denominational. Another interesting note is that Lewis turned down the honor of a C.B.E. from George VI because he wanted to avoid association with political issues.

Stages Of Transformation

We all undergo multiple transformations throughout our lives, as we move from birth, through childhood, and into adulthood, our experiences and life lessons change us.

It is these changes that writers must keep in mind while creating characters, and creating plots.

It’s an interesting process for me when I start creating characters because I might have an idea of who they are now. But it’s not until I start looking into their pasts that I can tell you how they got that way.

I like this quote from C.S. Lewis because it serves as a reminder of so many things:

  • Changes in our lives are inevitable, but not all changes lead to success in our goals.
  • Every change we make to our lives, or how we act changes who we are, even if it’s only in small ways.
  • That in order to soar we must first learn to break out of our shells and shed the things that hold us back, just as the shell does he bird.
  • But it also reminds me that unless we embrace change we risk stagnation and becoming embittered by our lives.


Change As A Motivator

It’s this last point that I find most interesting because bitterness over the cards life dealt us can make from some very interesting motivations. But more interesting still is seeing characters break out of that stagnation and bitterness to become better people.

Jean Valjean from Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel Les Misérables is one of these latter characters, who find a way to overcome their pasts. But he’s not alone, even Inspector Javert undergoes a drastic revelation, but in the end, it leads him into self-examination and the depths of despair. 

There are many such characters littered throughout fiction, what are your favorites?

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