Adventure Awaits At The 5th Annual CyCon

Adventure Awaits At CyCon 2019

Computer Issues Delayed This Post

For the last six years my writing, blog, and website development have been created on an Asus laptop…

But this week, I finally decided that I was done with trying to deal with all the ongoing technical issues it was creating.

  • Random loss of WiFi
  • No Bluetooth
  • Occasional software crashes
  • Slow as molasses

So, I bit the bullet and invested in a nice new HP laptop, and spent two days installing the necessary software, and copying files from one machine to the other.

About The 5th Annual CyCon

I can’t believe how fast these events keeping coming around, or that I’ve been part of this amazing event since the very start. 

But, what is it? 

"CyCon (AKA Cyber Convention) is a fantastic tradition that was started by Angela Chrysler of Brain to Books. The idea is a weekend-long book convention online (because, as we all know, sometimes it is just too people-y at other conventions!) Angela envisioned a space where authors were taught how to market their books, were given platforms to share and taught how to share. We got to network together to help build one another up. And of course, connect with readers along the way."

OWSCyCon Website

And that’s how it all started.  But time has gone on, and we’ve become one of the biggest online book events, bringing more and more authors and readers into the old.

You see, many of those who attend the events take part year after year, and we’ve become a big, inclusive, international family. In fact, the members of OWS wouldn’t have met without CyCon.

Changes for 2019

This year there are some major changes.

  • Angela B. Chrysler pulled out as show-runner, for personal reasons, but has given me her blessing for the event to continue.
  • I’ve teamed up with the amazing team at Our Write Side to ensure that four years of momentum is not lost.
  • Instead of running the Fantasy genre events, I’m now coordinating the entire event, as well as participating as an urban fantasy author.

Want To Learn More About The Event?

Here’s some links that will help you find relevant information:

  • What is OWSCyCon?
  • How can you participate?
  • OWSCyCon for Authors
  • OWS CyCon for Businesses
  • OWS CyCon for Bloggers, Booktubers, and Podcasters

Want To Help Spread The World?

There are a number of ways you can help get the word out…

  • on your social media site of choice
  • write a blog post about it
  • tell your author friends/readers about it
  • share posts with #OWSCyCon2019 

Here’s some pointers…

  • Use the images created by our wonderful art team… (find them on the Resources page)
  • Share the event with #OWSCyCon2019 so people can find all related news
  • Use genre related hashtags to promote particular genres
  • Be sure to promote the genre events you’re taking part in or looking forward to
  • Link to the CyCon home page at

Here's just a sample of the artwork created so far...

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