Quote Of The Week #3 - February 16th 2019

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About Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is possibly one of the most influential multi-genre writers in terms of the variety of media formats. His work includes short stories, novels, plays, screen plays, and more.

I remember reading “Fahrenheit 451” when I was in school, and finding the idea of burning books to be horrifying. And I couldn’t imagine something like that happening. You see, I’d grown up with books, and loved reading, learning and my first job was in a library.

But then I learned about the book burning that happened during the Nazi rule of Germany, and realized how possible it could be, and I was horrified all over again. The idea that someone would want to prevent others from learning, or to control how people think by removing, or restricting their access to ideas.

But Then I Got Into Writing

When I got to college I joined a role-playing group and developed a love of telling stories. That was where I started writing down the events of our games, and then I started designing some of those games.

It was as I sat there building up plots, events, building maps and encounters that I realized just how much work running a game was. But I loved it!

Years later, my wife would encourage me to start writing my first novel, based on ideas that we’d written down from her first draft. I started to see the amount of work that went into writing. Between maintaining character and plot consistency, writing the drafts, picking out the pieces to keep and what needs to be rewritten or thrown away for the sake of the story, anyone would go mad.

However, Writers Often Do Stare At Walls

I’m not going to lie. Staring at walls is one of the things I do a lot of, as I wait for inspiration to strike, and I know other writers who’ve said the same.

However, we’re reaching out to our characters, trying to recreate the atmosphere for a scene based on our experiences, or digging into our pasts to create realistic emotions in our characters.

Or staring at the walls waiting for inspiration to strike… 

Sometimes even we’re not sure which!

And Madness Spreads Among Writers!

Sometimes writers encounter each other, and that’s when we get talking.

Sometimes we’re talking about the technical aspects of writing, how to market our books, or how to reach out to readers and get reviews.

Other times we come up with the kind of ideas that should get us committed to time in a padded cell… And CyCon is just such an idea.

For one entire weekend in this May, close to 200 authors and other book-related professionals are getting together for one of the most exciting online book events of the year. With games, puzzles, discussion groups, and more, there’s going to be something for everyone, regardless of what kind of books you read.

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