#OWSCyCon2019 Author Spotlight

As part of the build-up to OWSCyCon2019, I want to introduce you to some of the amazing volunteers and authors taking part in the event. If it wasn’t for the volunteers, there could be no CyCon, and I’m grateful to every single one of them for giving up their time to make this happen. But by the same token, without the authors taking part in the event, we wouldn’t be able to bring you the amazing events that we have planned. So without further delay…

Meet Megan O'Russell

Participating Author

Author Spotlight - Megan O'Russell

Megan O’Russell is the author of several Young Adult series that invite readers to escape into worlds of adventure. From Girl of Glass, which blends dystopian darkness with the heart-pounding danger of vampires, to The Chronicles of Maggie Trent, which opens the gateway to a hundred magical realms.

2019 has led Megan on a new publishing journey, which will see thirteen projects released within the year including the Girl of Glass series, The Tethering series, The Chronicles of Maggie Trent, and The Tale of Bryant Adams. To be the first to hear about new releases, free short stories, and giveaways, sign up for Megan’s newsletter by visiting MeganORussell.com.

Originally from Upstate New York, Megan is a professional musical theatre performer whose work has taken her across North America. Her chronic wanderlust has led her from Alaska to Thailand and many places in between. Wanting to travel has fostered Megan’s love of books that allow her to visit countless new worlds from her favorite reading nook. Megan is also a lyricist and playwright. Information on her theatrical works can be found at RussellCompositions.com.

She would be thrilled to chat with you on Facebook or Twitter @MeganORussell, elated if you’d visit her website MeganORussell.com, and over the moon if you’d like the pictures of her adventures on Instagram @ORussellMegan.

What Genres Do You Write In?

Why don't you start by telling us a little about yourself

When I’m not writing, I spend all of my time either onstage or planning my next adventure.

Could you tell us a bit about your latest book?

Girl of Glass is a YA dystopian romance featuring paranormal elements. Book one in the series, Girl of Glass, is currently available for free download across all major eBook retailers.

Who is your intended readership?

Young Adult genre lovers with niches varying from Dystopian to Fantasy.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I was performing in a show that made me absolutely miserable. I needed an outlet and started writing. Once I made the connection between storytelling on stage and on the page, the writing process became an addiction!

Do you have a favorite author, or writing inspiration?

I have an eternal love for Madeline L’Engle and a crush on Leigh Bardugo.

What advice would you give beginning writers?

Just write. Worry about if it’s good, if you’re going to get an agent, and the other realities of being an author later. In the beginning, just write.

Do you have any amusing writing stories or anecdotes to share?

I have been through five publishers that have shut their doors. From FBI investigations to accounts never paid, it has been a hell of a ride. But I still love to write.

What do you like to do when you're not writing? Any hobbies?

I’m a travel junkie. Pounding out a trip itinerary is one of my favorite activities.

What’s your next project? Any upcoming book secrets you care to reveal?

I’m releasing thirteen books this year. So there are a ton of stories to be had, plot twists to make you gasp, and love stories to send your heart pattering.

"Girl of Glass"

Girl of Glass - Cover

Two worlds. One glass wall. No turning back.

The human race has been divided. The chosen few live in the safety of the domes, watching through their glass walls as those left on the outside suffer and die. But desperation has brought invention. New drugs have the ability to alter humans, giving them the strength to roam the poisoned night unafraid—but survival comes at a terrible price.

Seventeen-year-old Nola Kent has spent her life in the domes, training to protect her little piece of the world within the glass. The mission of the domes is to preserve the human race, not to help the sick and starving.

When the fate of an outsider child falls into her hands, Nola dares to venture beyond the security of her home, diving into a world of darkness and vampires. Life within the glass didn’t prepare her for the realities of suffering or the depth of forbidden love.

When blood washes over the domes, Nola must choose between her home and her heart.

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