Book Review
Dungeon Crawl: A LitRPG Adventure

(The Crucible Shard Book 1)

Dungeon Crawl - Cover

Gamers are celebrities. Superstars. Idols to the masses.

Only a few ever make it out of Piper’s Mill, most toil their lives away in the small town just dreaming of a better life.

Liam thought he had a comfortable life all worked out when it winds up wrenched away from him. Drawn into other’s schemes to hack the game and steal some spotlight he never expects to find himself playing in a game nobody has ever heard of. 

He never expects to find himself deep in a dungeon at level one with no gear and barely any skills. 

He certainly would never anticipate suddenly being tied to forces that promise not just to reshape his life, but the world outside the game.
Time to level up.

"Dungeon Crawl" Reviewed

A great story with great promise for the following books

Grant has created a story that will interest gamers, role players, and fans of stories like Ready Player One.

The characters are interesting enough in the real world, but it’s not until they enter the game world that we start to see them really develop into people we can believe in. It’s interesting to see their development paralleling the leveling up of their in-game characters.

I loved the worlds that Grant created for this story, but I’m left with a lot of questions about what happened in the past. That said, it’s very clear that we’re probably going to learn a lot more in the rest of the series, as the characters discover the facts for themselves.

My one minor gripe is that there were occasional edits that I would have suggested.


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