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OWSCyCon2019 had a feature called “Story Time”. This was where volunteers took samples of work by other others and recorded themselves reading it aloud.

The feature proved to be very popular with readers and authors alike, so I’m going to start posting the recordings I was involved with (as reader or editor).

So, over the next few weeks, you’re going to be treated to 5-10 minute introductions to some great stories. I’ll post two a week, until I run out of stories from the OWSCyCon2019 event. Hopefully by that time, I’ll have received requests for additional readings, which you know I’m going to share with you here.

"Preach On Havoc"
by Alice de Sampaio Kalkuh

About The Book

People who drove through Llangryn didn’t usually stay but then again most people who drove through Llangryn were alive.
It has been almost 100 years since the incident in Bangor and Llywelyn Driscoll is living a peaceful life as the local priest, free of blood rushes.

When things start going wrong Llywelyn is sure that it can’t get any worse. Between deceiving an obnoxious detective, educating the newbie, dealing with his feelings and trying to stay true to his principles, Llywelyn is confronted with the source of the vampires’ curse.

If this sample from “Preach on Havoc” has piqued your interest in reading the rest of the story, you can grab your own copy here!

Please remember that reader reviews can really help the author sell more books, so if you enjoy this book, please leave a review.

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  • Recorded & Edited by Timothy Bateson for the #OWSCyCon2019 “Story Time” feature
  • This excerpt used and recorded with the author’s permission as part of the book promotion events of #OWSCyCon2019.

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