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"Slave Elf"
by Connie Cockrell

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Delia had spent sixty years as a slave to the Corpets, caravan masters, learning reading, writing and math. Then her master, Corpet, and a local human lord, Traford, told her she was the embodiment of a prophecy and to be the most powerful elf to ever live. Now she’s being chased by her evil great-uncle, bent on taking over the elven kingdom and Delia doesn’t even have her powers. On the run, she must learn to use those powers and get to know her parents. Soon, before great-uncle Iyuno kills them all.

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  • Recorded & Edited by Timothy Bateson for the #OWSCyCon2019 “Story Time” feature
  • This excerpt used and recorded with the author’s permission as part of the book promotion events of #OWSCyCon2019.

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