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by Leslie Conzatti

About The Book

What happens when the mundane and the fantastic meet? We get Cracks in the Tapestry.Can a former secret agent’s sister return from the dead, bringing with her mysteries surrounding her miraculous return?Reverend Josiah takes his message from God to a new planet eager to spread the gospel.A NASCAR driver discovers there is much more happening on the track then he ever had imagined.A thief must steal her love’s most prized possession.A scientist discovers something very peculiar about an archeologist exhibiting odd behavior. A newborn siren discovers a man who can resist her song.A Sioux warrior must face off against the might of the US Military Remnant to defend his home and people. Will you peer through the Cracks in the Tapestry?Cracks in the Tapestry collects stories from Leslie Conzatti, J. D. Cunegan, Arthur David, C. Scott Davis, Benjamin D. Pegg, R. Eric Smith, and Lorna Woulfe.

If this sample from “Heartsong” has piqued your interest in reading the rest of the story, you can grab your own copy here!

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  • Recorded & Edited by Timothy Bateson for the #OWSCyCon2019 “Story Time” feature
  • This excerpt used and recorded with the author’s permission as part of the book promotion events of #OWSCyCon2019.

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