August 26th 2019
"What Would Make You, As An Author/Reader, Abandon (Stop Reading) Someone Else's Book??"

OpenBook Blog Hop August 26th 2019

This week on the OpenBook blog tour, we’re looking at what makes different authors abandon (or stop reading) someone else’s book. 

Before we go too far into this post, I want to clarify something. There is a difference between stopping reading a book and abandoning that book.

  • Stopping reading comes with the intent of coming back to the book at a later date.
  • Abandoning that book means that there is no plan to ever return to it.

It might seem like a small thing to have to clarify, but I think you’ll see why I did.

Abandoning A Book Is A Serious Business...

Am I Good Enough?

Over the years there are very few books that have made me abandon them. Some of those books are very popular, but in one such case I didn’t even make it to the end of the second page.

I’m not going to name the books, or the authors. I don’t think that’s fair to readers who have enjoyed them.

Instead I’m going to give the reasons why I’ve stopped reading before the end. Some of these reasons are purely from a reader perspective. Others are probably colored by the fact that I’m an author.

So What Makes Me Abandon A Book?

These reasons are presented in no particular order. But I’m sure those of you who’ve followed me for a while can guess at which reason I consider the worst.

Too many grammar or editing errors.

Because I often edit my own work, I tend to notice grammar and editing errors a lot more than I used to. The problem with that is that when there are a lot of them I can often get kicked out of the moment. As a reader that's something that can really ruin the enjoyment of a story.
However, I'm also in the habit of making notes on the problems I find. So when I am actually enjoying a book (or have promised to read it before release) I'll often send those notes over to the author.
But I have given up on a book because I made too many notes in a short period of time, and I just couldn't get back into the story.

Characters act in a ridiculous or inconsistent manner.

Have you ever come across a point in a book where the character(s) do something completely out of character? Or worse still, that makes absolutely no sense given the current circumstances?
These inconsistencies are are guaranteed to annoy me, and I'll be honest, I read for pleasure. I'll forgive a certain number of such occurrences, if the writing is good, but too many, and I'm left wondering if the writer ever had a plan.

Violence for it's own sake

When the violence moves the plot, reveals something about a character, or is used to show something important, then I'm okay with it. However, I've come across some books which seem to have a lot of violence which happens without reasonable cause, or doesn't serve any of the purposes I listed above.
At the end of the day, many of us (myself included) read books to escape from such things. Putting them front and center of a book is a guaranteed way to get me questioning if that book is worth finishing.

Character relationships that are unbelievable

Many of us have been in relationships that we shouldn't have been (I know I have). Some of us have stayed in relationships that should have ended (and again I'm guilty of this).
So in some respects I can understand when a writer creates relationships that shouldn't work. And sometimes they do, because that's the nature of the story, and the characters.
But then there are those relationships where their situation just doesn't make any sense at all. The ones where you're left wondering how someone could want to have anything to do with the other person. Or, where the relationship is so toxic you wonder how other readers (or even the author) can defend it.

What Makes You Abandon A Book?


In the comments, let me know what stops you from finishing a book.

Or, take a guess at which of the reasons I presented is the one I consider the cardinal sin of writing.

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P.J. Maclayne
1 year ago

The problem with bad relationships in books—the ones you look at and shake your head because they never is work—is that they happen in real life. Sometimes people aren’t logical.

Stevie Turner
1 year ago

I agree with the first and third reasons too. Too much violence (and sex) is really off-putting. Yuck.

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