Services Page Added
& Other Site Updates

Services Page Added & Other Updates

The sharp-eyed among you might have noticed a few changes as you visited the site this morning. That’s because I’ve added a new “Services” page, and made several other site updates.

Some of the changes I made are minor things, while others are far more noticeable. So, here’s a quick run-down of what changed:

  • Added a new “Services” page, with pricing and brief descriptions.
  • Launched the “Story Time” recordings service.
  • Updated the pages for the “Book Spotlight” and “Author Spotlight” applications.
  • The home page received a complete revamp. 
  • Narrowed the sidebar on the blog pages.
  • Small updates to descriptions on my book pages.

The Services Pages

Those of you who’ve followed my blog, or my work, are likely aware that I offer free “Author Spotlight” interviews, and “Book Spotlight” slots on my blog. 

Until now, that’s all I’ve offered, so I didn’t need a “Services” page. But now I do!

Thanks to the success and feedback I received from the “Story Time” readings I did for OWSCyCon2019, I’m adding to the line-up.

My new “Story Time” service is now available to everyone. Unlike my other services, this one does come with a $20 (USD) fee. That covers reading time, verification of pronunciations, recording time, audio posting to YourListen, video creation and posting to YouTube, a blog post, and promotion on Facebook and Twitter.

Home Page Updates

This page had one of the biggest sets of changes of all.

This was one of the pages I wanted to make sweeping changes to, because it was one of the first I created. Since then I’ve become more adept at using the tools that Elementor provides. That meant I was able to give the page a much fresher look than it started with.

Things you might notice:

  • New animated image behind the “Welcome To My Worlds” text.
  • I removed the huge chunk of introduction text, and broke it down into the roles I fill.
  • Each role is linked to any relevant pages (including my services, B2BCyCon and #FSFRL).
  • I did an overhaul of the “Available Now” section, adding some notes and the book stores.
  • Slightly tweaked the “Progress On My Current Projects” block, to include the newly added “Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels (Collection One)
  • The list of “Recent Posts” from my blog remained unchanged, but I did change the wording in the “Connect With Me” section.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the changes. After all, feedback lets me know what people like and don’t like about the changes.

Blog Page Changes

Unless you spend a lot of time on my blog, you’ll probably not notice the changes I made to the archive and individual blog pages.

In fact, there was only one change made. I made the sidebar a little bit narrower, to increase the width available to display the blog posts.

Book Page Changes

This is another one of those subtle changes. Each of my books has received an update to the tag-lines used on the book pages.

I’ve also added pages for the books that I’m working on, and progress bars, so you can track how far along I am.

It's Feedback Time

So, that’s quite a big collection of updates, now that I look back over it.

Take a look around the site, and let me know what you think about the changes.

  • Would you have done something different?
  • Is something not as clear as it could be?
  • Have an idea how I can make things better?
  • Or just have something to share?

Drop me a note in the comments. I read every comment posted, and love seeing the feedback.

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