Get Ready For
"31 Days of Halloween"
- Coming October 2019! -

31 Days of Halloween - Coming This October

September is already half-way over, and Halloween is getting closer by the day. That means I’m getting ready for my third annual “31 Days of Halloween” event.

As always I’m aiming to do a full 31 days of Halloween themed posts. And this year, I’m also tying my weekly themes into those being run at the Fantasy & SciFi Readers Lounge.

I’ve already scheduled a few posts, and you can learn more about those below.

But, I have a few gaps in that 31 day schedule, so I’m opening those dates up for guest posts. To see what’s appeared in the past, click the buttons below, then feel free to pitch a post that you think would fit an open slot.

31 Days of Halloween 2019
(This will be updated as slots are filled)

Posts with links will not be live until 8 am EST on the day in question. They have been included here so that you can access them as soon as they are available, rather than later into the day (when/if I remember to update).

Any last minute changes will be noted as they happen.

THEME: Dark/Evil Spirits
1 Jaq D. Hawkins Guest Post - The Fascination With Dark Spirits In Literature & Film
2 Timothy Bateson My Top 10 Haunted Locations
3 Naching T Kassa Story Time - "Audition"
4 Cheryllynn Dyess Guest Post - "Dark Spirits"
THEME: Vampires
6 Laura Daleo Story Time - "Immortal Kiss"
7 Carmilla Voiez Guest Post - The Things About Vampires
8 J.C. Andijeski Book Spotlight - "Vampire Detective Midnight"
9 Michael W. Huard Book Spotlight - "Count Rothchild"
10 Michael V. Wilson Short Story - "The Earth Bound"
11 Selene Kallan Guest Post - Vampiric Origins
THEME: Were-Creatures
13 Lyssa Medana Story Time - "Digging Up The Past"
14 Debbie Manber Kupfer Character Interview - Griddlebone
15 Joseph Carrabis Guest Post - Why This Were Here, Now?
16 P.J. MacLayne Book Spotlight - "Wolves' Gambit"
17 Timothy Bateson Book Teaser - "Under A Hunter's Moon"
18 Jaq D. Hawkins Guest Post - Were-Creatures Then & Now
THEME: Horror/Dark Fantasy
20 Fallacious Rose Story Time - "The Milk Of Human Kindness"
21 Joseph Carrabis Guest Post - Writing Something Horrifying
22 Jack Massa Book Spotlight - "Ghosts of Lock Tower"
23 Catherine Stine Book Spotlight - "Pictures of Dorianna"
24 Kayla Krantz Story Time - "The Moon Warriors"
25 Tanya L. Harris EXCLUSIVE Short Story - The Darkness
26 Timothy Bateson Halloween/Samhain Week on FSFRL
THEME: Halloween/Samhein
27 Timothy Bateson Story Time - "Under A Hunter's Moon"
28 Timothy Bateson My Top 10 Halloween Movies
29 Timothy Bateson Famous Witches/Warlocks Through The Ages
30 Stacy Overby Guest Post - Halloween Lore
31 Timothy Bateson 1 Day Giveaway

So What's Scheduled So Far?


Just looking at the list of posts, I’m sure you can see that only half of the “31 Days of Halloween” schedule is complete.

I’ve scheduled the usual round of “Story Time” readings for each week, but hand-picked to match that week’s theme.

You’ll also see that I’ll be posting a weekly heads-up on what’s coming up over on the Fantasy & Sci-Fi Readers Lounge. I highly recommend becoming a member (if you’re not already), because we have some exciting things ahead.

However, that still leaves 15 slots empty.

And That's Where You Come In!

  • I’m opening the doors to fellow authors, and readers, who’d like to share something related to each week’s theme.
  • Each slot will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • I try to format and schedule each post about a week ahead of the date it’s due to post.
  • Author Spotlights give you a chance to show readers who you are as a writer by answering a few questions. Preference will be given to writers who’s work fits the week’s theme.
  • Book Spotlights highlight your work, and books submitted should at least loosely fit the theme.
  • Character Interviews are another option I’ve run in the past, and enjoyed doing. To do one of these, pitch a guest post, and be able to schedule time on Messenger (or other chat service).
  • Guest Posts are for anything else that fits the theme. These posts should be submitted by email to (Here’s the posts from 2017 & 2018)

So now, it’s over to you. Reach out and let me know what kind of post you’re interested in contributing.

Remember, these slots are open to both readers and authors alike!

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