Dark Spirits

by Cheryllynn Dyess

31 Days of Halloween - Oct 4 - Dark Spirits

During my planning for the “31 Days of Halloween” event I opened the doors to some guest writers. And the amazing Cheryllynn Dyess joins us to share a tale of dark spirits, and personal encounters.

Over To Our Guest
Cheryllynn Dyess

Ever watch those paranormal shows on the television and think to yourself, “that can’t be true, things like that don’t happen”? 

I watch them all the time. I have had knowledge of the paranormal all my life, but not once did I think it was fake. Why you ask? Let me tell you a story…

Dark Spirits

I was about six years old living in Central Georgia in an older home. You know the kind in Georgia that has the large front porch and surrounded by farmland…that kind. As I stood on the porch looking across the road at the farmland there was a man standing there with a dog. He had a hat on that looked like it came from the 1800s – a fedora style. The hat was black and the man wore dark colored pants with a long overcoat and what looked like a plaid shirt. His dog was a Doberman. The canine was sleek and sat perfectly still by his owner.  They didn’t move. They stood in their place and looked at me. 

Within a blink he moved closer, but he never moved. Not his legs, not his arms…but they moved in unison as if ‘blinking’ brought them closer to me. This continued until they were just on the other side of the road from me. I remember then the curiosity I had as I walked down those wooden stairs towards him. I stood in my yard that was more dirt than grass.  We stared at each other for a few moments before my attention was averted. 

My mother called for me from inside the house and I had turned my head to see what she wanted. When I turned back to the man…he and his dog had vanished. 

This was the first time that I can remember seeing him but it was not the last. This man and his dog followed me through the years…even making contact with one of my sons. He never spoke but he did become more interactive. 

Throughout the years, people said a man who had a dog like that in spirit form was evil. But to me, he brought a sense of peace. So back to the original question…is it real or fake? In my world, it is very real. In my world, seeing spirits of both dark and light is common. But was this man and his dog a dark spirit? I’ll let you decide that.

Fast Forward A Little..

Cheryllynn Dyess - Author

I wrote a dark fantasy, “Born of The Veil”, a few years back. In this book, I share many of my experiences, including this one. Tara (the main character) has many of my personality traits and shares all my horrors and joys. My nightmares, experiences, and dreams were the inspiration for the story.

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Don't Forget To Check Out
"Born of The Veil"

The dead are all around us.

Tara can see them, hear them, and help them. All her life she has battled with this gift…curse.

Only her mother and best friend know the truth. Then she meets a stranger in a historic graveyard and he changes her life in ways she never could have imagined.

Tara was born already a member of a secret society known as The Veil. They are immortal and their mission is to help everyone they can. She is shown how to handle her gifts and discovers even more on her journey.

With the gift of immortality, Tara still battles one curse that has been there her entire life. Demons! Demons have tried to attack her as long as she can remember.

Can she learn to use her gifts?

Can she trust those around her?

Can she conquer her nightmares?

Can she finally be free?

So now, it’s over to you. Reach out and let me know what kind of post you’re interested in contributing.

Remember, these slots are open to both readers and authors alike!

Who Else Is Dropping In?

31 Days of Halloween - Coming This October

“31 Days of Halloween” is a collaborative effort, and I really couldn’t put out 31 posts in 31 days without help.

While I’ve personally filled many of the slots for the event, I also have some amazing guest posts, from some wonderful folks.

Want to see what else is happening?

Have You Encountered Dark Spirits?

Over the years I’ve seen things I can’t explain. Some of those encounters could have been explained by spirits, ghosts, or just my imagination.

Drop me your encounters in the comments, and I may just share one of those stories.

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