Vampiric Origins

by Selene Kallan

31 Days of Halloween - Oct 11 - Vampiric Origins

During my planning for the “31 Days of Halloween” event I opened the doors to some guest writers. And the amazing Selene Kallan shows us a little about her world, before answering some questions about herself.

Over To Our Guest
Selene Kallan

Vampires, feared, desired, revered. It is undeniable they cause fascination. Their origin is shrouded in mystery, multiple cultures have their own version of the creatures of the night. From the Rumanian Strigoi to the Greek Lamia. So, what are they? Demons or monsters? Descendants of demigods or undead?

In my world, they are immortal, near impossible to kill. Their origin is unknown to most except for the ancients. Those who are several thousand years old and remember a time when they were slaves in a distant world. Twice as fast as a cheetah, stronger than several dozen men, ageless. They are divided into 3 main categories:

Pureblood Vampires


Born of two vampires or a vampire and a human. The strongest of their kind, they possess telepathic and empathic abilities, hypnosis, and UV resilience. Long exposition will cause 1st-degree burns if they are weakened or poisoned, but their lightning-fast regeneration usually allows them to withstand it if necessary. Some possess other powers: telekinesis, pyrokinesis, energy manipulation, etc. The only effective way to kill one is through decapitation and immolation. No human can stand even a small chance of fighting one unless it is with weapons designed to kill immortals. The Jäger (hunters) have hunted down supernaturals since the dawn of time; for millennia it was little more than a suicide mission. Modern technology and experimentation have lead to the creation of an array of weapons that can weaken even a Pureblood enough to be captured or killed.

Blood-Bound Vampires


Those who were made by a pureblood, previously human. Only around 20% of humans can survive the transformation, about 60% die a few hours after vampire blood enters their veins. The ones who survive and become vampires are not as strong as Purebloods but possess hypnosis and a lesser degree of empathic powers (sensing emotions). Sunlight causes 1st-degree to 2nd-degree burns if the exposition is too intense and they are weakened; it blinds them if they have no contacts and makes them feel feverish. 

Low-Class Vampires


Those turned by a blood-bound vampire. Ironically, it is easier for a human to be turned by a Blood-bound, but the results are disastrous. Low-class vampires are driven by their hunger, addicted to blood, unable to stop themselves from killing innocent humans. Purebloods and Blood-bound often destroy low-class vampires to avoid being fully exposed to humankind. The ones who had a moral as humans often lose their minds as they are aware of the horrible acts they perform but can’t stop. UV light causes a violent allergic reaction in a short time period, severe burns and weakness, though if they’re fighting for their lives or for food it makes them no less dangerous.

Low-Class Vampires

There is one last kind, the DHAMPIR. They are created when a Pureblood attempts to turn a human. There is about 20% of probability of creating a Dhampir when humans receive vampire blood in their veins. Caught between human and vampire nature, almost as strong as a low-class but by far not strong enough to fight a Pureblood or a Blood-bound vampire without using poisons or many of the weapons humans have designed to kill supernaturals.

Vampires are not evil by nature in my world, they feel drawn to kill human predators: murderers, rapists, etc.

There are also hybrids between vampires and other species… but that’s a story for another time.

Wanna see my vamps in action? Check out these short stories:



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About Selene Kallan

Selene Kallan is a fantasy author who daydreams about her imaginary worlds most of the time. Her obsession with vampires and all things supernatural has made her an avid reader. She loves writing, discovering new Metal bands and watching superhero movies. She is also feeling a little crazy while writing about herself in third person, but apparently, this the way to go.

Follow Selene Kallan

Why Don't You Start By Sharing A Little About Yourself

I’m a daydreamer, my head is always in the clouds, full of supernatural characters and their forbidden romances. I wish I could read or write all the time.

I studied accounting, it was hard and left me mentally exhausted, later I realized it was because I have dyscalculia along with a mild form of dyslexia. Not to mention my calling has always been with literature. Since I was in school, I loved writing. From essays to fantasy stories to philosophical analysis.

Could you tell us a bit about your latest book?

I’m working on the final edits of Haunted: Immortal Heritage Book 2. Both a sequel of Starlight and a standalone that introduces Lily and Matthew, the other two MCs of The Immortal Heritage saga.

Here’s the blurb:

Will their past set their future in flames?

Lily and her mother, Abigail, live a normal life; as normal as two runaway supernaturals can have; hiding in plain sight from vampires, human hunters, and lycanthropes; both a living weapon caught in the middle of an age-old war they don’t believe in.

Matthew has no idea how to live a normal life. Moving to a small town and going to school was something he had never thought possible. Struggling to recover from years of being poisoned by a man who broke his humanity, his past is tainted with blood and pain; his, others.

Destiny will bring them together, friendship turning into something stronger. But too soon, the secrets they’ve fought to hide are laid bare, shattering their mutual trust.

Can he accept who she really is? Can she forgive his past sins? Will they fight together against the monsters that seek to break them?

Who is your intended readership?

Anyone who loves a mix of paranormal, urban fantasy and romance. My books are YA friendly but contain conflicts that can appeal to adults as well.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

One day in late 2014 I couldn’t fight down the urge to do something with the crazy stories in my head and wrote a novel called Hybrid Civilization in a block paper with an old pencil. More stories followed that and now I have so many ideas I’m not certain I’ll manage to write them all.

Do you have a favorite author, or writing inspiration?

Melissa A Joy, my close friend, and fantasy author has inspired me to be better. Her prose is beautiful and cinematic and her debut novel Keys of The Origin is a masterpiece. I was in love with her writing after the first paragraph.

Laurie Forest challenges prejudice in a fantastic way, The Black Witch Chronicles is set in a world much like ours, plagued by similar conflicts, beautiful and broken with memorable characters. Laurie is a brave person and a dear friend, I can only hope to be as levelheaded as she is one day.

I love, love the humor and banter in Rick Riordan’s books. I read the entire Percy Jackson and the Olympians saga in a week. His writing is positively addictive.

What advice would you give beginning writers?

Write the stories you would love to read yourselves. Trying to write to please others never ends well.

What do you like to do when you're not writing? Any hobbies?

Reading, making soap. I love experimenting with different ingredients and creating something new.

What’s your next project? Any upcoming book secrets you care to reveal?

I’m working on soooo many books, more than it’s healthy XD. I almost done with Moonlight: Immortal Heritage 3, and Daylight: Immortal Heritage 4. Moonlight is going through its first round of edits, Daylight is standing at 50k words right now, almost 2/3 done!

Next year I plan to launch:

  • Huntress Prey: vampires, faes and lycans.
  • Demon Warden: angels, demons, Nephilim.
  • Of Darkness and Light: fae/angel hybrid, demons, faes and many more.

All my books are part of the same universe so crossovers abound, kinda like Marvel.

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31 Days of Halloween - Coming This October

“31 Days of Halloween” is a collaborative effort, and I really couldn’t put out 31 posts in 31 days without help.

While I’ve personally filled many of the slots for the event, I also have some amazing guest posts, from some wonderful folks.

Want to see what else is happening?

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