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As part of “31 Days of Halloween”, this edition of Story Time features a sample from “Digging Up The Past”, by Lyssa Medana.

Listen to this sample, recorded by Timothy Bateson. Then pickup your copy of “Digging Up The Past” to discover what happens next.

"Digging Up The Past"
by Lyssa Medana

About The Book

Karen Price had been looking forward to her wedding day for nearly a year. It had already been cancelled twice, once due to a plague of magical insects and once because of an outbreak of zombies. That was the risk you took when you agreed to marry a paladin, someone sent to stand between the normal world and the threats of the non normal.

Of course a wedding never goes entirely to plan and now Karen was getting married while a tv crew were filming an archaeological dig in a village stuffed with vampires, werewolves and more. However everyone was being on their best behaviour, and nothing supernatural was expected to be dug up, so what could possibly go wrong?

As ex marine Mike Doyle and vicar Darren King battle with unexpected dark forces, quite a lot can go wrong. From having nothing more to worry about than a dress fitting Karen suddenly finds herself in a lot more danger than she expected.

If this sample from “Digging Up The Past” has piqued your interest in reading the rest of the story, you can grab your copy here!

Please remember that reader reviews can really help the author sell more books, so if you enjoy this book, please leave a review.

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  • Recorded & edited by Timothy Bateson for the #OWSCyCon2019 “Story Time” feature
  • This excerpt used and recorded with the author’s permission as part of the book promotion events of #OWSCyCon2019

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Lyssa Medana
7 months ago

Thank you for sharing this!

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