October 20th - October 26th is
Horror & Dark Fantasy Week
Over At Fantasy & Sci-Fi Readers Lounge

31 Days of Halloween - Halloween Samhain Week On Fantasy & Sci-Fi Readers Lounge

I’m running the 31 Days of Halloween event in conjunction with the Fantasy & Sci-Fi Readers Lounge (Facebook group). 

As such, I thought that I’d share a sneak peek at the author takeovers for the week.

The events listed below are the ones I’m aware of at the time of writing this post.

What's Happening At FSFRL

THEME: Halloween/Samhain
31st 10am - Noon R.R. Born Author Takeover
2nd 11am - Noon Selene Kallan New Release Takeover
2pm - 4pm L.B. Carter Author Takeover

I highly recommend becoming a member of  Fantasy & Sci-Fi Readers Lounge (if you’re not already), because we have some exciting things ahead.

The admins are very active, and love to get readers involved in all kinds of events

What's Happening Here?

Each of the links below goes live at 8 am EST on the date in question.

THEME: Halloween/Samhein
27 Timothy Bateson Story Time - "Under A Hunter's Moon"
28 Timothy Bateson My Top 10 Halloween Movies
29 Timothy Bateson Famous Witches/Warlocks Through The Ages
30 Stacy Overby Guest Post - Halloween Lore
31 Timothy Bateson "Shadows Over Seattle" 1 Day Giveaway

Excited To Read Any Of These?

There’s some really fun stuff coming up this week, both here, and at the FSFRL group.

The author takeovers are a lot of fun, and every author brings something different to the events. 

If any of this week’s upcoming posts or events gets you excited, drop us a note in the comments.

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