Book Review
"Harvester Academy"

A Ruby Morgan Prequel

My dream is to become a Harvester of magical blood.

My name is Dennis Rivers. Two years ago, my dad was killed by a Magical. To avenge him, I decide to become a Harvester, like he was. It’s not like I can fill out an application, however, as the Harvester Academy isn’t even supposed to exist.

I’m not about to let that stop me. I’m a street smart Liverpool lad, and when I capture a Mag right under the nose of a Harvester crew, I manage to get myself recruited anyway.

I wasn’t prepared for the ramifications of my choice. To become a Harvester recruit, I have to leave everything—and everyone—behind, including my mum and my girlfriend. There is no room for personal attachment.

There is only the Academy.

"Harvester Academy" Reviewed

The Harvesters are a huge part of the world, and this is one man’s journey to join their ranks.

Dennis Rivers’ father was killed by a Magical, and is determined to avenge his death. Finding out that his father was a Harvester (a hunter of Magicals) turns his world upside down, and gives him hope for meeting his goal.

Unfortunately, the Harvester Academy isn’t supposed to exist and now he must find a way in, while leaving everything behind. That includes his mother, his girlfriend and even his old life.

What follows is a story that reveals some of the inner workings of the Harvesters, how they train, what they believe, and the kinds of people who join their ranks.
There are some great characters in this book, and as always the authors don’t disappoint in creating real relationships between them.

Can Dennis survive the Academy, and the rivalries of his peers, to become a Harvester and avenge his father?


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