Review: A Thousand Faces (A Thousand Faces: Book One)

In the world of high-stakes espionage, it pays to be able to change your face.

And that’s just what sixteen-year-old Jory and her family of shape-shifting spies can do—alter their faces and bodies to look like anyone. Jory is in training to be a full member of the family business—when she can convince her parents to let her help with their elaborate cons.

But when Jory’s parents go missing on the job, Jory is thrown into a world of secrets, lies, and stolen identities that will put all her training to the test. Jory’s always wanted to be a member of the team—

But saving her family wasn’t supposed to be part of the job.

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This book breaks the shapeshifter norms amazingly well

When you hear the term shapeshifter it’s normally applied to a human that turns into some kind of animal (or the other way around). But this book breaks that norm with real flare.

In Jory’s world, shapeshifters live secretive lives, sometimes in small family units, and even more rarely in small groups. Why must they keep themselves hidden? More to the point, HOW do they keep themselves from being discovered? Each of them has the ability to alter their faces, build, height, and more. The more their chosen form diverts from their home-body (their self-image) or the more detailed the change, the more concentration is required.

But it’s exactly this ability and their training that makes them so good at espionage. But things are never as easy as they sound, and their world is built on lies. What will Jory discover as she tries to find her parents, who disappeared while on a mission?

The author has built a complicated web of detail into this world, and it really shows through in not only the small character details, but also in the pacing, intrigue, and spycraft techniques. Each of the characters is well developed, and the emotional connections are not only complex but compelling.

If you like a little romance mixed in with your suspense and intrigue, then this book is definitely worth checking out. In fact, I plan to pick up the rest of the series, because I desperately want to see how it all ends!

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