Timothy Bateson

Reader, Writer, Blogger, Indie Author Supporter


Through college, Tim was pretty much the stereo-typical computer geek, complete with a love of books & comics, a computer’s degree, dice-bag and a history of role-playing. Years in the computers industry soured his passion for the work, but it would take just two words, and a crazy American woman to change his life.

Those two words were: “I’m Available!!!!”

The crazy American woman was Sandi, who not only caught Tim’s attention, but also his heart. in 2005 that love would take Tim to Alaska, and the start of a new life.

Now Tim works customer service jobs by day, reading, writing and shares his passion for books by night. Thankfully, that’s a passion shared by Sandi, who laid down the foundation of that would become the world of “Shadows Over Seattle”.

In 2014 “Under A Hunter’s Moon” and two other short stories were accepted for publication in anthologies. While Tim has yet to complete his first novel, he has self-published several short stories, and connected readers with books and authors across the world through his blog, and several major online book-themed events.

As time allows, you can find him metal (by Metal Earth) and wooden (from UGears) model kits, and creating designs to go on items in his online store.