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Through college, Tim was pretty much the stereo-typical computer geek, complete with a British Batchelor’s degree, dice-bag and a history of role-playing. Years in the computers industry soured his passion for the work, and it would take just two words, and a crazy American woman to change his life.

Those two words were: “I’m Available!!!!”

The crazy American woman was Sandi, who not only caught Tim’s attention, but also his heart.

in 2005 that love would take Tim to Alaska, and the start of a new life. Working customer service jobs by day, reading, writing and sharing his passion for books by night. But it would take until 2014 for those passions to reach the public, when “Under A Hunter’s Moon” and two other short stories were accepted for publication. Based on characters and plots setup by Sandi in her vampire novel, “A Rose By Any Other Name”, Tim built on the mythos and the “Shadows Over Seattle” stories were born. 

While Time has yet to complete his novel, he has self-published several short stories, and connected readers with books and authors across the world through his blog, and several major online book-themed events.

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More About Me

The Journey From Computer Geek to Writer

Before 2005, that person on the left, could easily have been Tim. Tapping away at a keyboard, and glued to a computer screen for hours end, because it his my job… That’s right, he was a computer geek!

Fascinated by computers, and their potential, from an early age, Tim was encouraged by his parents (a teacher and a librarian) to follow his passion. Studying computers, Math and English through high school, and going to on to earn a Bachelor’s in computers in 1998, it seemed Tim’s path in life was set.


Then Came The Reality Checks…

Coming out of college to a market now saturated with computer graduates, Tim worked a series of low-paying computer jobs. And, for the most part, he was pretty passionate about the work. That was until he accepted the opportunity to work alongside two friends at a company supplying ID software & printers.

Within 18 months of accepting the job, things changed rapidly, when the two friends decided to quit their positions in favor of starting a company of their own.

Already covering more of the UK, supporting the company’s customer-base than he was originally hired for, Tim was suddenly the entire IT support department for the company. And, to make matters worse, his direct boss was now the company owner & accountant.


… And The Debts

Heavily in bank and credit card debt because of late repayment of work-related expenses, Tim found himself having trouble paying the mortgage on his apartment, and spiraling into increasing debt. And then he got fired!

Tim ended up selling his apartment (at a loss), and moved away from London to take a job opportunity at a call-center in the midlands. He’d hoped to persuade his girlfriend of the time to move in with him, so they could both share the costs of living… But she was still living with her supposed ex-boyfriend, and even after a year nothing changed. Tim was still in debt, and word came down that the call-center was going to be moving it’s operations to India.


Changes Had To Be Made

Thankfully, there was a silver lining… Tim had been online friends with a crazy American woman, living in Alaska, for a couple of years. But the distance between them scared him, even though there was an obvious connection, even though neither of them had admitted it.

So, when Sandi announced she would be offline for a couple of weeks, while she took a vacation to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia, it was kind of a wake up call for Tim. He admitted to himself things weren’t working out with his girlfriends, and told Sandi as much, and added he would miss their online chats, but would re-read their chat logs while she was away.

Then she typed the two words that changed everything…


“I’m Available!!!!!!!”

Almost immediately Tim started planning a trip to meet family in Canada, with a side-trip to meet Sandi. But, after realizing that the family was on the opposite side of Canada to Alaska, his plan changed to just meeting Sandi instead.

Almost fully bankrupting himself to make the trip, Tim spent 10 amazing days in Alaska, reluctantly returned to the UK. Despite his best attempts to tie up his financial responsibilities, he was still heavily in debt when he returned to Alaska and married Sandi in 2005, with her full acceptance of his debts and emotional baggage.


Rekindled Passion

Unable to work until his immigration status was finalized, Tim started reading through some of the stories Sandi had written. In the process he rediscovered a passion for the written word that he’d first developed during his childhood.

When Tim was finally able to start working, he didn’t even consider going back in the IT business, and took a job in fast, which didn’t earn much. But, it put him in a position to hired away to a customer service position with a home improvement retailer, where he stayed for 6 1/2 years.


… Finally Inspiration Struck

After losing that job, he went on to log 9 1/2 years with a one of the big-box grocery retailers, where he finally found the time to start writing himself.

Taking inspiration from one of Sandi’s stories, Tim got her permission and support to start working on a novel that would tie in with her vampire story. But something just wouldn’t click with the plot and characters, until he took a huge chunk out, and turned it into a short story.

“Under A Hunter’s Moon” saw publication in time for the 2014 Halloween season. Two more short stories were accepted and published within 6 months (a sci-fi story called “Evaline Transcendent” and a 100-word story entitled “Shifting Dreams”).


Meeting & Helping Fellow Authors

In the same year, Tim took part in his first online events with fellow authors, and readers, with everyone sharing their love of books and the written word. This would become an annual event, with fellow authors becoming an amazing support network for each other – sharing skills, blog space, reviews, and more.

From those events, Tim started adding books, interviews, and even story readings to his blog, and found a passion for turning written words into audio and video clips.


Fast Forward To Today…

That novel still hasn’t been completed, because more short stories emerged from it’s creation, three of which have been published, with more to come as time and funds allow.

Tim is now working for a car parts store, despite his lack of vehicle knowledge. When asked, he describes his job as “coming to hang out with good friends, trying to stay out of trouble, and making the shelf displays look good”. If pushed you might get him to admit that his job description reads “merchandiser”, but you’ll find him out on the sales floor interacting with everyone with a huge smile.

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