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I’m one of those crazy people who loves doing interviews, regardless of the format, and I’m grateful to everyone who’s reached out to invite me into their world.

The list below are among my favorite interviews, for a number of reasons. Some cover topics I really love discussing, while others were either done at a pivotal time in my life, or talk about those times. If you enjoy the interviews, please show the hosts some love and appreciation, because they all do an awesome job.

Also, scroll down past the interviews if you’re interested in hosting an interview with me. You’ll find my contact form, and the guidelines I try to stick to…

And yes, you read that right… I’m open to doing interviews as my characters too.

Behind The Pen With Timothy Bateson

Hosted By: Karina Kantas

Date: October 23rd 2019

Karina Kantas and I have crossed paths several times over the last few years, including the B2BCyCon events, and hosting her on my blog for “Illusional Reality”. Now I have the pleasure of joining the ranks of authors she’s featured on her “Behind The Pen” show, and I love the conversational format.

Timothy Bateson Author Interview

Hosted By: P.D. Alleva

Date: October 19th 2019

Some interviews are a lot of fun to take part in, and this was one of them. Discover how I started writing, how I weave real life experiences into my work, whether I prefer ebook or hard-copy for reading, my silliest saying, and much more…

authorsinterviews ~ My interview with Timothy Bateson

Hosted By: Fiona McVie

Date: June 28th 2019

This was a really fun interview, because there were some challenging questions. We cover topics like writers I read, who’s been there to support my writing career, some of the challenges I’ve faced as a writer, advice I give to new writers, my reading habits and who I’d most like to meet. Then things get really fun, because you get to see what really makes me tick with some more personal questions.

A "Between The Pages" Book Chat With Timothy Bateson

Hosted By: A.F. Stewart

Date: May 2nd 2019

I had a lot of fun with this interview, which went out live on Facebook. We talk about my writing, what it’s like killing characters, and my views on antagonists/villians.

Interview With Author Timothy Bateson

Hosted By: NFReads

Date: April 4th 2019

A big shout out to Tony Eames, of NFReads for reaching out to me with the opportunity to reach their readers. The site covers a wide range of topics, and they’ve featured some great author interviews as part of their Writing & Literature collection.

A Huge Author Event Online

Hosted By: Amazing Stories

Date: April 2nd 2019

Dianne Gardner, of AmazingStories.Com sat down with me to discuss the OWS CyCon event, and my part in it’s history. Many of you who follow my blog are probably already familiar with how passionate I am about this event, so having the chance to get word out to a very passionate Sci-Fi & Fantasy audience was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

Inside Art Q& A

Hosted By: GoIndieNow

Date: September 12th 2017

Joe Compton, over at GoIndieNow is a huge supporter of the independent artist communities. If you make your own films, publish your own books, or have a music career, this is the guy to talk to. It’s always a pleasure to take part in any of Joe’s various show formats. In this particular interview, Joe and I discuss blogging.

I'm Available - Crazy Love Stories #26

Hosted By: Bianca Basak Dikturk

Date: August 26th 2017

Bianca writes an amazing blog, that shares some even crazier stories, all sharing the theme of how couples met. She’s a real pleasure to chat with, and the half hour scheduled interview ended up being well over two hours. I couldn’t be happier with how this interview was woven from the rambling stories of how I met my amazing wife, Sandi.

Living the Indie Author Life with the Back Porch Writer

Hosted By: Kori Miller

Date: February 21st 2017

The wonderful Kori Miller and I sat down for a live audio discussion on what it means to be an indie writer. I love how Kori raves about the Brain to Books Cyber Convention at the start, because it’s a passion we share. We discuss my experience of Seattle and how it affected my writing. We also cover our mutually weird internet research histories, werewolves, shapeshifters, and how real vampires should NOT sparkle.

Discovering The Wolf Within

Hosted By: Ilana Maletz

Date: February 6th 2017

This beautifully written interview came at a defining time in my life, just before I became a United States citizen. It was wonderful to be able to carry the theme of life’s transitions throughout the interview.

Author Quickie with...Timothy Bateson

Hosted By: Chevoque

Date: May 24th 2016

This was a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek interview, with apparently random questions. I’m sure as you read through, you’ll be able to tell which ones I had the most fun answering. 

#B2BCyCon Interview with Author Timothy Bateson

Hosted By: A.F. Stewart

Date: February 13th 2016

This interview covers a lot of ground, including my writing influences, the challenges of writing, why I love writing urban fantasy, and my love of falconry.

Author Interview – Timothy Bateson

Hosted By: James Kemp

Date: May 1st 2015

James Kemp and I talk about how I became a writer, my writing process is and what kind of advice I would give to others wanting to be writers.

Featured Author - Timothy Bateson

Hosted By: Book Reader Magazine

Date: January 22nd 2015

This was one of the first interviews I did, and I had the pleasure of talking books, writing and my favorite authors with Book Reader Magazine.

Connect With Me:

I love doing interviews, either as myself, or one of my characters. 

Please feel free to reach out if you’re:

  • interested in doing an interview with me
  • have a list of preset questions (or)
  • are willing to meet on camera, or chat service of your choice to do a live/semi-live interview
  • don’t mind working around my work schedule

I’m always happy to share the results, and return the favor if your work is suitable for my audience.

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