(Paid Service: $20)

Have you ever been captivated by stories told around the campfire? Or read your favorite story to family members?

That’s what the “Story Time” readings are all about – bringing the story to life – turning the written word into something that potential readers can listen to.

Your book cover, blurb and buyer links will attract potential readers, but letting them hear the story read aloud can be what pushes them over the edge into buying.

This is a paid service, and more a more in-depth process than the other services:

  • The application is just the start
  • Once received, a sample recording is created and sent to the author for comments on pacing, corrections on pronunciations, and any other feedback the author would like to provide
  • At this point, the author can either pay the $20 via PayPal or CashApp
  • Then it’s on to creating the full reading, and editing the audio for the best quality
  • Next comes the creation of a video to showcase the book alongside the reading
  • And finally the pure audio is uploaded to YourListen.com, the video sent up to YouTube, and everything shared to my blog and social media

Once everything is set-up, the author will receive a copy of all the links to share with their existing, and potential readers.