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Book Review – The Socket Greeny Saga

Socket Greeny Saga - Cover


“This is a rare look at what it means to be human” is how I headlined my review for the Socket Greeny Saga, back at the start of 2018. Read the rest of the review to find out why.

Book Review – Knights of Avalon (Ruby Morgan Book 5)

Knights of Avalon - Cover


Another amazing installment of the Ruby Morgan series. Every page pulls you deeper into the story, and there is just so much to unpack in this book it’s crazy.

Book Review – Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency


This week I’m covering a book I read years ago, but recently revisited – how does this read of the first Dirk Gently book compare to my first reading?

Improved Comments and Rating System



If you’ve visited the site before yesterday, you’re going to see a couple of new features on the individual blog post pages.

Book Review – The Hidden Court (The Paranormal University Files: Skylar Book 1)

The Hidden Court-Cover


A suspense-filled school year for the paranormal students, with a splash of romance. This book is a great read, and the romance element just adds to what would be an otherwise great story.

Book Review – Eye of the Tiger (Star Justice: 1)

Eye of the Tiger - Cover


Space, shapeshifters, and nonstop Space opera I love space opera books, and this one comes with a twist that is simply amazing.

Book Review – Tears of Pestilence (Ruby Morgan Book 4)

Tears of Pestilence - Cover


In a word WOW! This installment blew me away! The Ruby Morgan series just keeps getting better, and this installment keeps that trend going! BUT that said, I really enjoyed this particular story because Ruby and her friends have become almost like family, and it’s always interesting to see how their relationships develop.

Story Time (Uncut) – Essence of Magic by L.J. Rivers

Essence of Magic - Cover


Timothy Bateson’s #StoryTime brings you an unedited sample from “Essence of Magic” by #UrbanFantasy author LJ Rivers.

Book Review – The Plot Machine

The Plot Machine - Cover


Kutzera has taken an interesting approach to breaking down the process of plotting a story. Until reading this book, I’d always tried to plan things in a linear fashion, but Kutzera rearranges the process.

Book Review – Newsletter Ninja

Cover - Newsletter Ninja


Mailing list services change their features, terms of service, pricing, and capabilities semi-frequently. But also no two mailing lists are alike. They have different subscriber bases, different goals, and even different things to offer subscribers. So, what’s the solution? NEWSLETTER NINJA! It’s a book about the philosophies and practices that make a mailing list work for you as an author – something I know I struggle at, and I’m far from alone.

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