So, it’s been a little while since I posted my last news update, which means it’s time for another one. Those of you who have been paying attention will notice that the site has undergone yet another format change. I liked the look of the last site layout, but it didn’t make reading blog posts or pages very easy, especially after introducing the sidebar. So it had to go, and the new layout will give a much wider reading area than before, allowing me to do some things I wasn’t able to do before. You’ll be seeing more cosmetic changes happening over the next few days as I get things settled. There have also been a number of new items added to the online store,

Feel free to skip my comments, below, to get directly to the reading, followed by details of the book from which the reading was taken. This episode of Story Time comes to you from the pen of Nikki Hyson. It was recorded back in May 2019 for OWSCyCon, an online book event I ran for readers and authors. Even though it’s one of my earliest recordings, I love the sound quality, which comes through very clearly.  This is also one of the readings that made me want to do more, because of how exciting the story was. I loved doing this reading, because “Second Door To The Right” is the start of an amazing series, which I can’t wait to see continued in the third

Title: Series: Rating: Author: Format(s): Pages: Description: Essence Of Magic Ruby Morgan: Book 1 9.2/10 L. J. Rivers eBook, Paperback, Hardcover 246 – 274 WHAT WOULD YOU PAY FOR A TASTE OF MAGIC? My name is Ruby Guinevere Morgan. I’m half Fae, with healing powers and the ability to throw the occasional force field. When I left my home town to study journalism, I made a promise to my mum to stay hidden from the Harvesters hunting for magical blood—like mine. My first week at university, and I’m already about to break my promise. See, I tend to poke my nose into places where it doesn’t belong, and I can’t look away when the disappearance of a girl on campus is connected to the hottest

Anyone who’s tried visiting my website lately would have been unable to avoid some very obvious facts: A couple of months ago, my website stopped responding, and kept throwing out error messages In fact, pretty much everything went wrong leaving me with no access to fix things The site was basically trashed, and the blog posts were lost It’s taken me a while to get things back up and running The site has undergone a lot of design changes, some of them in just the last few weeks The site has been redesigned, and this post is a new beginning for the blog Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us Save