The Lupine’s Call

Title: The Lupine's Call
Series: Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #2

Genre: , , ,
Pages: 39

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Richard Parsons is a shapeshifter with a drinking problem - not that his girlfriend knows about his abilities. But she's determined to sober him up, and the arguments aren't helping.
Storming out of the apartment during the latest argument might only be the first bad move of the night.

Will Richard's drinking get him into more trouble than he can handle?


"The Lupine's Call" is the second of the "Shadows Over Seattle: Prequel" series, giving readers a chance to meet the characters who will be appearing in the main series. Every story is a snapshot of an event in that character's past, and can be read as a standalone short story, or as part of the series.

"The Lupine's Call" is a quick, easy, read that introduces readers to the "Shadows Over Seattle" setting.

Published by: Timothy Bateson
Release Date: August 26 2018
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