Book Spotlight – Vampire Detective Midnight

Book Spotlight - Vampire Detective Midnight - JC Andrijeski
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October 8, 2019
Vampire with a past and homicide detective, Naoko “Nick” Tanaka just got transferred to the NYPD, where he works as a “Midnight,” or vampire in the employ of the human police. Like all state-reg’d vamps, he gets his food delivered to his door, lives in government housing, and basically can’t sneeze without the U.S. government knowing about it.

The Things About Vampires by Carmilla Voiez

31 Days of Halloween - Oct 7 - The Things About Vampires
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October 7, 2019
“The Things About Vampires” by Carmilla Voiez Vampires are both elusive and seductive. They look like us, but they are not us. They can be monstrous or they can be liberating

Dark Spirits by Cheryllynn Dyess

31 Days of Halloween - Oct 4 - Dark Spirits
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October 4, 2019
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“Dark Spirits” by Cheryllynn Dyess Ever watch those paranormal shows on the television and think to yourself, “that can’t be true, things like that don’t happen”? I watch them all the time. I have had knowledge of the paranormal all my life, but not once did I think it was fake. Why you ask? Let me tell you a story…

My Top 10 Haunted Locations

31 Days of Halloween - Oct 2- Top 10 Haunted Locations
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October 2, 2019
No Halloween event is complete without a trip to the local Haunted House. For this reason I’ve scoured the internet trying to find some of the most iconic, and most haunted locations around the world.

The Fascination With Dark Spirits in Literature and Film

31 Days of Halloween - Oct 1 - The Fascination With Dark Spirits
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October 1, 2019
Halloween is a time for dark and evil spirits to come out and play. So what better way to kick off a full month-long celebration than by inviting Jaq D. Hawkins to drop in? She shares her thoughts about why we’re fascinated by dark spirits in film and literature.

FSFRL International Literacy Week Events & Giveaway

FSFRL International Literacy Week
The FSFRL is celebrating International Literacy Day all week! September 8 was declared International Literacy Day (ILD) by UNESCO on October 26, 1966. It was celebrated for the first time in 1967. The goal is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities, and societies. Celebrations take place in several countries, and the FSRL is joining in the fun!

We’re Celebrating 100 Posts – The Top 5 Posts & News

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August 21, 2019
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Today I’m celebrating something amazing… After less than 8 months we’ve hit 100 posts. It’s an honor to have brought you some of the best in independent books and authors, and know so many are reading my work.