Book Review – The Writer’s Guide To Weapons

The Writers Guide To Weapons


A rare gem for all writers needing information on firearms and knives. 5/5 stars

Book Review – Dungeon Crawl: A LitRPG Adventure (The Crucible Shard Book 1) by Skyler Grant

Dungeon Crawl - Cover


Grant has created a story that will interest gamers, role players, and fans of stories like Ready Player One. The characters are interesting enough in the real world, but it’s not until they enter the game world that …

Book Review – Beyond The Mask – A Fiction-Atlas Superhero Anthology

Beyond The Mask - Cover


I brought this book, because the proceeds were going to a great cause, but dove into it out of curiosity. As a fan of the superhero genre from my early childhood…

Book Review – The Wrath of Atticus – by Lesley Donaldson

Wrath of Atticus_Lesley Donaldson_3D Cover transparent



Very simply put, Donaldson hits a home run with this second book in the series. The Queen’s Viper was a great book in its own right, but Wrath of Atticus builds on what we have learned of Viper and her worlds (past and present) and ramps everything up several levels. But Viper still knows very little about who she is, and what has happened to shape the person that she has become. …

Fun With “Metal Earth” – Doctor Who kits 1-4 of 5

Finished (Metal Earth) Cyberman Head Front



“Metal Earth” is a range of sheet metal model kits that vary from easy to expert levels. As you go up the difficulty levels, the models get more detailed and complex.

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