Book Review – Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Cover


Leaves the movie in the dust! As a child of the 70’s and 80’s, this was a book I anticipated reading, but put off until now because they were making a movie based on it.

Book Review – Sentries of Camelot (Ruby Morgan Book 2)

Sentries of Camelot - Cover


This book definitely delivers on the promise of the previous one! Things have quietened down a little for Ruby Morgan until an incident sets her on a dangerous path.

Book Review – Gigi Make Paradox: Where the Hell is Tesla?, Book 3

Gigi Make Paradox - Cover


This story will take you places you never dreamed of – unless you’re Tesla himself… I thoroughly enjoyed the first two installments of this series and jumped at the chance to pick up this book.

Book Review – Howdunit Book of Police Procedure and Investigation: A Guide for Writers

Howdunit Book of Police Procedure and Investigation: A Guide for Writers - Cover


This book opened my eyes on many aspects of the criminal and police worlds. Until now my main involvement with police and law enforcement has been brief. Calls from me regarding noise complaints, or them calling me about damages to my car didnt give me any insights into the realities.

Book Review – Essence of Magic

Essence of Magic - Cover


This book is a great introduction to what promises to be an interesting series of stories. I love that it’s set in London, even though the city itself doesn’t feature heavily in the story. But, there are just enough touches that are recognizable to someone who grew up there (like me).

Book Review – Nite Fire: Smoke & Mirrors

Nite Fire 3 - Smoke & Mirrors


Smoke & Mirrors builds on the world set up in the first two books in the series, and does so without disappointing. You may think that for Dahlia Nite has already been through enough for several lifetimes, and you’d be right. But since escaping from Drimera she has…

Book Review – Second Door To The Right (Paper Souls Book 1)

Second Door To The Right - Cover



As a writer I couldn’t help but smile at the premise of this book. We often talk about how real our characters seem to us, and how they take on a life of their own…

Book Review – The Telepath Chronicles

The Telepath Chronicles - Cover


elepathy. Just a far-fetched bit of science fiction “hocus pocus.” But is it? With today’s giant leaps forward in technology and biotechnology, with people constantly surrounded by sophisticated yet invisible communication networks, and with a rapidly increasing understanding of the brain’s inner workings . . . is it so hard to imagine that we might be able to develop direct mind-to-mind communication?

Book Review – The Writer’s Guide To Weapons

The Writers Guide To Weapons


A rare gem for all writers needing information on firearms and knives. 5/5 stars

Book Review – Dungeon Crawl: A LitRPG Adventure (The Crucible Shard Book 1) by Skyler Grant

Dungeon Crawl - Cover


Grant has created a story that will interest gamers, role players, and fans of stories like Ready Player One. The characters are interesting enough in the real world, but it’s not until they enter the game world that …

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