Featured Product: “Polrabinex” 11oz Mug Product Features: Height: 3.75 inches, Diameter: 3.15 inches Bigger size white, durable white ceramic High quality sublimation printing 11 oz (0.33 l) Rounded corners C-handle “Do you know someone who foams at the mouth during political discussions? Introducing Polrabinex. Together we can eliminate political rabies!” Do you have family, friends, or loved ones who tend to foam at the mouth when they get into political discussions? Are people’s extreme political views threatening your peace of mind? Then consider talking to them and their doctors about “Polrabinex”. “Polrabinex” is a new vaccination designed to target political rabies, and reduce, or even eliminate the symptoms. Together we can eliminate political rabies! Side effects may includes: *censored* Disclaimer:  This item is entirely for

There have been a number of updates to the store in the last few days, including: 3 new items have been added A photograph of the Fremont troll has been added to the line-up of designs (the image was captured by me, while on a research trip to Seattle) 2 new product categories have been added 30 oz Ringneck Tumbler – Black / Silver / White color options 9 oz Scented Candle – Vanilla / Cinnamon Stick scents Be sure to check out the featured product below, and get a glimpse of some of the newer items.   Featured Product: “Casprixas’ Revenge” Unisex Backpack Product Features: Casual backpack in a classic unisex style Front flap with strap clasps Two slip interior pockets and one laptop