"Timothy & Snowflake" - 70 pieces

On the bottom bar of each puzzle are some useful controls…

  • Image – Places a completed image in the bottom left corner
  • Ghost – Places a semi-transparent image in the center of the screen
  • The next has two options: Arrange/Disarrange – controlling how the pieces are laid out
  • Options – lets you change backgrounds, restart a puzzle, change puzzle settings, or get help
  • Then you get your completion percentage, and time played
  • The last two buttons allow you to play the puzzle on Jigsaw Planet, or enlarge the puzzle to full screen

Remember How I Said I Was An Avid Falconer?

Well, here’s one of the two eagles that I had the pleasure of flying at Cheshire Falconry, back in 2007.

Snowflake is a “Martial Eagle”, which is the largest African eagle. Coming in at close to 14 pounds in weight, and a wingspan of a little over 6 feet, these are very impressive hunters in the wild. Each foot can bring to bear enough power to break a man’s arm, and can be compared to the crushing power of an alligator jaw.

Up close you can’t help but feel a sense of awe at the size and power of these amazing creatures.