About Timothy Bateson

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Hi there, I’m Timothy Bateson, and I’ve been writing urban fantasy and science fiction stories since 2014.

So far I’ve been published in five anthologies, and in 2016 I started publishing the first of the “Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels”. This short story series follows events that happened in the lives of characters from the “Shadows Over Seattle” novels, prior to the start of the novels.

I’m joined in my writing endeavors by my lovely wife, Sandi. She is not only my inspiration, but the creator of what would become the joint writing adventure that is the “Shadows Over Seattle” world.

More About Me...

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I was born in England in the mid 1970s, and grew up in various parts of the London area. I consider myself to have been very lucky to have two very caring parents who both worked in education-related jobs. My dad was a teacher, and my mother worked in my local library.

There was no choice but to become educated and fascinated by the world around me.  Thanks to their influence, I developed a passion for books, reading, and learning, and had read “The Wizard of Earthsea” and “The Lord Of The Rings” by the time I was eight.

Before I was in my early teens I’d become fascinated by birds of prey. My dad had me skip school one day to join his class for a falconry display, and I was hooked. Over the years, I’ve had the honor to have handled more birds of prey than I can count, covering owls, hawks, falcons, buzzards and eagles. Even my wife has learned to love hands on time with these magnificent creatures.

Timothy Bateson Headshot 450x600
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College & Becoming A Writer

When I got to college I studied computers, and joined the role-playing and gaming society. That was where my interest in stories blossomed into creating adventures for my fellow gamers. It was only a short step from writing notes on game events to trying to write the stories down – with little success.

When I had the opportunity to join a live-role-playing group I jumped at the chance. Many of my weekends were spent dressed in costume, and being someone else for hours at a time.

Living the characters and stories really made a difference to my writing. I discovered that much of the story, and how believable it is comes from the small details. It was the flaws in the characters that made me love them.


In 2002 a friend of mine from live-role-playing introduced me to Sandi, a friend of hers from Alaska. I’ll admit that I was only interested in remaining friends, because I thought I was entering another relationship. I even moved to the midlands and started a new job, but things didn’t work out, and I had little time for writing.

During the following months Sandi and I kept talking online, and I admitted things weren’t working out with my relationship. That’s when the crazy American took an even crazier risk, and typed the two most important words of my life… “I’m Available.”

I scrimped and saved for months, and booked a trip to Alaska, where I realized how much  I loved this insane woman. Within months, I was back in Alaska to get married.

Sandi reignited my passion for writing, when she showed me her first draft for a vampire novel. But things went further allowed me to play in her sandbox, steal her characters and help develop the “Shadows Over Seattle” setting.

In 2014 I had the luck to get “Under A Hunter’s Moon” picked up by a small press anthology, and two more followed by mid-2015.

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Publication​, Blogging & Beyond

In 2014 I had the luck to get “Under A Hunter’s Moon” picked up by a small press anthology, and two more followed by mid-2015. 

2014 was also the year of my first book signing, and the start of my blogging journey. But, it wasn’t until I came across a 2015 GoodReads event that I started to work with other independent authors on cross-promotions.

Over the next couple of years, this event would become the annual Brain to Books Cyber Convention & Book Expo, and the first annual feature on my old blog. It was also the inspiration for my book and author spotlights, which are easily among my most shared posts.

Without my continued involvement with the indie author comminunity, I wouldn’t have made several appearances on the GoIndieNow podcast, run a number of live on-camera discussion panels, or been interviewed (personally and for my characters) on a number of blogs.

The last few years have been a blast. And now, with the launch of this author site, I hope to continue to promote other authors, and continue to bring you great indie authors and their books.

Connect With Me:

I’m a very active person online, and love to chat with readers, authors and bloggers about the things we’re all passionate about.

We’re all very different individuals, but it’s amazing how often I’ve found things in common with people from the other side of the world, or from very different backgrounds.

Please feel free to reach out if you’re:

  • a reader who likes what you’ve read of mine, or wants to learn more
  • a writer interested in doing a book spotlight, author spotlight, or guest spot
  • a fellow book blogger who wants to collaborate on an event that might be of interest to my followers
  • a book store/library/book club/etc interested in doing a live event with me
  • interested in doing an interview with me
  • anyone I haven’t already mentioned

Honestly, I love getting to know people, especially when books, or writing connect us.

My Current Projects

Evaline Transcendent (2nd Edition)
Revisions & Story Update 45%
Of Wolves & Men ( Shadows Over Seattle: Book One)
First Draft 70%