STF Eyes Only : Agent Clearance Granted

STF File # REP0187-201-5

Subject #43


Agneta Dottasen

Subject #43

Physical Description

Sex: Female
Racial Heritage: American/Scandinavian
Species: Human
Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 175lb
Hair: Auburn, Straight, Braided to mid-back, Usually tied with ribbons
Facial Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Build: Slim, Toned
Left/Right Handed: Left
Dress Style: Tends toward dark colored clothing, loose-fitting long-sleeved tops, loose-fitting jeans, or work pants as appropriate. Usually adds slip-on pumps or hiking boots depending on occassion.


Born: September 10th 1990
Mother: Sigurd Dottasen
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Grace Dottasen
Education Level: High School Graduate, SPD Academy Graduate (Honors)
Aliases: Big Red, Aggie (REALLY close friends only)
Known Associates: Garfield Feldman, Janice Cooperfield, Richard Parsons
Current Occupation: “Supernatural TaskForce” (STF) Agent (Alpha Team)
Prior Occupations: Seattle Police Department, Traffic Division
Criminal History:  None

In-depth SPD:STF Files

  • "Appointment With Death (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequel Four)" - Awaiting Declassification
  • "Of Wolves & Men (Shadows Over Seattle: Book One)" - Report Being Transcribed

External Interviews

None Available