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STF File # JC023-21-6

Subject #03


Art Kiger

Subject #03

Physical Description

Sex: Male
Racial Heritage: Native American/Eastern European
Species: Lupine
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 250lb
Hair: Soft Brown, Long Fringe, Shoulder Length
Facial Hair: Clean-shaved
Eyes: Green
Build: Muscular
Left/Right Handed: Right
Dress Style: Comfortable and loose-fitting shirts and trousers


Born: October 4th 1971
Mother: Unlisted
Siblings: Unlisted
Education Level: High School Graduate
Aliases: Watchdog, (NEVER “Artie”)
Known Associates: Richard Parsons, Janice Cooperfield (ex-wife), Sarah Cooperfield (daughter)
Current Occupation: Alpha of the Seattle Lupines, Owner of the “Devil’s Own”
Prior Occupations: Barman
Criminal History: None

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