STF Eyes Only : Agent Clearance Granted

STF File # JC0172-045-1

Subject #19


Garfield Feldman

Subject #19

Physical Description

Sex: Male
Racial Heritage: American/Western European
Species: Mortal
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: 225lb
Hair: Dirty Blonde, Curly Tips, Mid-Neck Length
Facial Hair: Clean-shaved
Eyes: Olive Green
Build: Muscular, Well-Toned
Left/Right Handed: Right
Dress Style: V-Neck T-Shirts, Dark Jeans, Lace-up Hiking Boots


Born: July 3rd 1975
Mother: Charlotte Matise
Father:Brandon Feldman
Siblings: None
Education Level: High School Graduate
Aliases: Boy-Blue, Sarge
Known Associates: Agneta Dottasen, Richard Parsons, Daniel Karvenson, Janice Cooperfield
Current Occupation: “Supernatural TaskForce” (STF) Field Team Leader (Alpha Team)
Prior Occupations: US Marine Corps, Gunnery Sergeant (Retired 2003), Seattle Police Department (Officer)
Criminal History: 1 petty theft (conducted while still a minor)

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