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STF File # JC017-10-8

Subject #00


Janice Ellen Cooperfield

Subject #00

Physical Description

Sex: Female
Racial Heritage: Native American/Western European
Species: Mortal
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 235lb
Hair: Blonde, Streaked Gray, Wavy, Mid-back Length
Facial Hair: None
Eyes: Icy Blue
Build: Obese, Busty
Left/Right Handed: Right
Dress Style: Tends toward low-cut, tight-fitting tops, and long skirts and low-heeled brogues. Also seen in pants suits as appropriate. Often has hair down framing her face, and always wearing a raven-skull pendant hanging off a ribbon/chain around her neck.


Born: March 3rd 1958
Mother: Ellen Mary Rogers
Father: Paul Cooperfield
Siblings: Mary Ellen Cooperfield
Education Level: Bachelors (Criminal Law)
Aliases: “Chief”, Janice Kiger, (Never “Jan”)
Known Associates: Art Kiger (ex-husband), Richard Parsons, Agneta Dottasen, Garfield Feldman, Sarah Cooperfield (daughter), Daniel Karvenson
Current Occupation: “Supernatural TaskForce” (STF) Chief of Operations
Prior Occupations: Seattle Police Department, Homicide Detective
Criminal History: None

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