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STF File # REP0307-006-2

Subject #81


Nazurl Nagura

Subject #81

Physical Description

Sex: Female
Racial Heritage: African-American
Species: Mortal
Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 165lb
Hair: Black, Straight, Mid-Back Length
Facial Hair: None
Eyes: Dark Brown
Build: Toned, Athletic
Left/Right Handed: Left
Dress Style: Tends toward tight-fitting, dark colored clothing,long-sleeved tops and jackets, dark jeans. Usually wears lace-up hiking boots.


Born: May 24th 1991
Mother: Nyota Magembe
Father: Charles Augustus Nagura
Siblings: Daione Nagura
Education Level: High School Graduate, Currently Studying Small Business Management
Aliases: Naz, Nubian Princess (Richard Parsons Only)
Known Associates: Richard Parsons (ex-boyfriend)
Current Occupation: Student, Owner “Cup of Doom”
Prior Occupations: None
Criminal History: None

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