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STF File # REP0107-002-3

Subject #33


Richard Evan Parsons

Subject #33

Physical Description

Sex: Male
Racial Heritage: American/Western European
Species: Lupine
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 205lb
Hair: Dark Blonde, Wavy, Shoulder Length
Facial Hair: Clean-shaved/Slight stubble
Eyes: Hazel
Build: Wiry
Left/Right Handed: Right
Dress Style: Tends toward t-shirt with long/short sleeved shirt over the top, dark colored jeans, sneakers, wrap-around sunglasses, and hoodie (in cold/wet weather)


Born: June 17th 1989
Mother: Lousie Parsons
Father: Samuel Evan Jones
Siblings: None
Education Level: High School Graduate
Aliases: Wolfman, Richie, Rich, Richard Evan Jones
Known Associates: Jimmy Williams, Art Kiger, Nazurl Nagura (ex-girlfriend), Agneta Dottasen, Garfield Feldman, Janice Cooperfield
Current Occupation: “Supernatural TaskForce” (STF) Consultant
Prior Occupations: Petty Criminal
Criminal History: 8 petty thefts (conducted while still a minor), 2 breaking-and-entering charges (dropped), gang affiliation suspected (unproven), 3 drunk-and-disorderly offenses (1 conviction, time served), 1 offense classified (cross-reference “The Lupine’s Call”)

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