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“Casprixas’ Revenge” Unisex Backpack


Backpack Features:

  • Casual backpack in a classic unisex style
  • Front flap with strap clasps
  • Two slip interior pockets and one laptop sleeve in the main compartment
  • A front zipper pocket
  • Two side pockets
  • Made of a durable oxford fabric.
  • Black base and inside color


One size
Length, in 10.83
Width, in 4.92
Height, in 13.58


About “Books Come Alive”:

The “Books Come Alive” concept came about one night, when a fit of inspiration struck urban fantasy author Timothy Bateson. 3D software combined with mind of a story-teller in what can only be described as technological alchemy. An open book becomes the stage on which the tale plays out for all to see.

Casprixas’ Revenge:

In a world where knights and adventurers roam the lands in search of daring deeds, and revenge, they cross the paths of many wondrous creatures. However, many are quick to anger, and even quicker to judge the motives of such creatures, and unfortunate events happen as a consequence.

One particularly cut-throat band of adventurers found the lair of the Great-Wyrm Casprixas, and slaughtered his mate thinking her the great beast himself. The looting he could forgive, but the death of his mate has made him look weak to those who serve him. To regain the respect of his peers, he has vowed vengeance on those who wronged him.

It’s time to pay the price for daring to anger Casprixas.

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