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  • Author Image & Brief Profile
  • List Of The Genres You Write
  • Interview Questions That Go 'Behind The Scenes'
  • Single Book Promo + Sales Links
  • Author Links

What Is An Author Spotlight?

  • An “Author Spotlight” is your chance to get in front of potential readers.
  • The post format allows readers to learn about you, your writing, what kind of audience you write for.
  • Readers will also be able to follow links to your website, newsletter, social media, and a donation/funding page of your choice.
  • You’ll also get a brief book promotion, with cover image, blurb and links to the major sales sites.
  • As much as possible, I’ll try to schedule “Author Spotlight”s to coincide with any events you are taking part in, but will contact you by email to discuss this part of the process.
  • See below for details of the process, and the terms and conditions of this service.

The Author Spotlight Process

Submitting A Request

  • All requests for author spotlights, plus images, should be submitted through the Author Spotlight Request Form.
  • This form is hosted by Please fill out the form in full before submitting, because you will not have the opportunity to edit, or add to the information later.

Requesting A Specific Date For The Post

  • Requests for a specific posting date will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and in the order received.
  • Make sure you note the date you wish in the “Additional Notes” field when filling out the form.
  • The blogger prefers to have a single posting on any given date (except for specific events).
  • If your requested date would coincide with an existing scheduled post, you will be contacted at the email provided to discuss an alternative posting date.
  • If no specific date (or date range) is requested, then Timothy Bateson will schedule the live date at his discretion.

Post Creation

  • Author Spotlights are created using a template, which allows for an author image, brief profile, list of genres you write in, a series of interview questions, and links to the author’s sites & social media.
  • There is also a slot at the bottom of the post for a brief book promotion.
  • Variations on this format will be considered for special promotions, new releases, and books that are part of a series.
  • If you would like to have additional images, or promotion information included, be sure to include the details in the “Additional Notes”. Also upload any additional images you would like included in the “Additional Images” field.
  • Once the post has been created, you will receive an email to confirm the release date, posting time, and link to the post.

Posting & Promotion

  • All blog posts will be scheduled ahead of the release date, and usually go out at 8 am EST.
  • At least one Facebook and one Twitter post will be created and scheduled to promote the post.
  • Promotion at other sites and times is at Timothy Bateson’s discretion. Such additional promotion will likely occur during themed events.

The Author Spotlight Request Form

Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of requests

  • All requests for a Author Spotlight will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • If the Author Spotlight is to appear on this site then at least some of your writing should appear in the Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Urban Fantasy genres, or a related sub-genre.
  • During certain events (example: 31 Days of Halloween), author spotlights may be considered from outside these key genres.

Take-Down Requests

  • Any time after the post is live, the author may request that Timothy Bateson take-down that post.
  • All take-down requests must be made by email, to
  • Once received, Timothy Bateson will make all reasonable effort to remove the post from the blog.
  • Any issues with complying with the take-down request will be communicated to the author by email.

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