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Story Time Reading

Audio, Video Presentation & More
$ 20
  • $10 Deposit Option Available
  • Secure Payments Through PayPal
  • Author Input Requested Throughout Recording Process
  • Audio Recording - Posted To YourListen
  • Video Presentation - On YouTube
  • Story Time Blog Post (On This Site)
  • Scheduled Post @ Fantasy & Sci-Fi Readers Lounge

What Is Story Time?

  • A “Story Time” reading is your chance to connect with potential readers who love audio formats.
  • Payment may be made in full, or as a deposit and final payment.
  • Author input is a big part of the process.
  • You will have several opportunities for input before the final recordings are posted online.
  • Locations include: YouTube (video), YourListen (audio only), my blog, and a Facebook group for Fantasy & SCi-Fi readers.
  • See below for details of the recording process, and the terms and conditions of this service.

The Recording Process

Submitting A Request & Deposit Payment

  • All requests for readings, (plus the sample of the book text), should be submitted through the Story Time Readings Form.
  • This form is hosted by Please fill out the form in full before submitting, because you will not have the opportunity to edit, or add to the information later.
  • Timothy Bateson will send a PayPal invoice for $20.00 (USD) to the email address provided on the form.
  • Payment of this invoice can be made in two ways: a 50% ($10.00) deposit, or in full.
  • Invoices paid in full will guarantee a higher priority in the recording schedule over invoices where only a deposit was paid.

Clarification Of Pronunciations

  • Once payment has been made (either deposit only, or in full) Timothy Bateson will read the sample text provided and email the author with any requests for clarification on pronunciations.
  • Once the author has responded with either phonetic spellings, or audio recordings of these pronunciations,  Timothy Bateson will record audio samples of him saying those words, and email these samples to the author for any corrections.

Initial Sample Recording

  • Once any pronunciation issues are resolved, Timothy Bateson will record and edit a 3-5 minute audio sample from the book text provided (using some or all of the words that required pronunciation clarification).
  • This sample will be emailed to the author for approval.
  • Once approval is received any outstanding balance of the invoice will be requested.

Full Sample Recording

  • Once final payment has been received on the invoice Timothy Bateson will record and edit an 8-13 minute audio sample from the provided text.
  • At this point this full sample will be submitted to the author for final approval.

Uploading & Promotion

  • Once final approval has been received this sample will be used to create the YourListen (audio only) and YouTube (video presentation) recordings.
  • These two files will be uploaded to their respective sites. Links to both will be emailed to the author.
  • The blog post and #FSFRL Facebook posts will then be scheduled, and the author notified of their planned live dates (and times).

The Story Time Reading Request Form

Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of requests

  • All requests for a Story Time reading will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • If the Story Time reading is to appear on this site, or the Fantasy & Sci-Fi Readers Lounge, then it must be categorized in the Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Urban Fantasy genres, or a related sub-genre.
  • Story samples containing sexual activity, or highly descriptive violence, or excessive violence will not be accepted.
  • If a sample is not accepted, the author will be notified of the reason by email.


  • Payment for this service will not be requested if the request for a reading is declined by Timothy Bateson.
  • If the request for a reading is accepted, Timothy Bateson will send a PayPal invoice for ($20.00 USD) to the email provided in the request.
  • A deposit may be paid ($10.00 USD) toward that invoice, which will guarantee a slot in the recording schedule, and that the author will receive a 3-5 minute audio sample of the text for approval.
  • If the author approves the 3-5 minute audio sample, a request will be made for the remaining $10.00 USD of the invoice, before any further work is done.
  • If the author pays the invoice in full, they will receive the full service without any further requests for payment, AND higher priority in the recording schedule.


  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Should the author pay the invoice in full, and decide not to continue the recording process after receiving the 3-5 minute audio sample, then they will be refunded $10.00 (USD) from their original payment.
  • Once the final edited audio recording is approved there will be no refunds.

Sample Take-Down Requests

  • Any time after the final recordings have been uploaded to an online service, the author may request that Timothy Bateson take-down that sample.
  • All take-down requests must be made by email, to
  • Once received, Timothy Bateson will make all reasonable effort to remove the recordings from those services, or prevent others from accessing them.
  • Any issues with complying with the take-down request will be communicated to the author by email.

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