Anyone who’s tried visiting my website lately would have been unable to avoid some very obvious facts:

  • A couple of months ago, my website stopped responding, and kept throwing out error messages
  • In fact, pretty much everything went wrong leaving me with no access to fix things
  • The site was basically trashed, and the blog posts were lost
  • It’s taken me a while to get things back up and running
  • The site has undergone a lot of design changes, some of them in just the last few weeks
  • The site has been redesigned, and this post is a new beginning for the blog

So What’s Happening Next For Readers?

For those of you who come to the site to check out new books and authors, will be glad to hear that the main focus of the blog isn’t changing. In fact, I’m hoping to be able to get back to posting on a more regular process, thanks to some new tools I have available.

  • I’ll continue to cover books from the urban fantasy, fantasy, and science-fiction genres
  • The Book Reviews will continue to be posted as often as possible, with a mix of old and new reviews, reading time allowing
  • Book Spotlights highlight new releases and special offers
  • Author Interviews give readers a chance to learn more about the people behind the books, and find out how to follow them on social media
  • Story Time will bring you a chance to actually hear stories being told

As always, you’ll be able to share and comment on every post, and that feedback is appreciated. Every share introduces new potential readers to some great books, and your comments help improve the site and blog. In fact, it’s also your opportunity to ask questions of the guest authors, and you are encouraged to do so.


… And For Authors?

I’ll continue to work very closely with authors through the various services I offer:

  • Book Spotlights: A chance to let your book shine, complete with cover image, book blurb, links to sales pages, and a brief author bio
  • Author Interview: Want to connect with potential readers on a deeper level? This is your chance to let them know a bit more about you as a writer
  • Story Time: This is the chance for readers to hear your story come to life, with an audio-only and/or video of your story being read aloud. The audio recording and video will be uploaded to YourListen and YouTube respectively, and will be featured in a Story Time blog spot

– Affiliate links may be used to help support the costs of running this blog –

What’s Coming In The Near Future?

Having given the website a new beginning, I thought long and hard about how to roll-out the individual features. And here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • The basics of the store are already up and running, with a handful of products. More will be coming over the next couple of weeks, as I finalize the details
  • Details of my own stories will be added within a couple of weeks, along with links to places you can buy those stories
  • I’ll be adding blog posts on a rotating schedule
    • Monday – Story Time / Book Spotlight
    • Thursday – Book Reviews / Site News 
    • Friday – Store Spotlight / Author Interview
  • Author Services will be going live by the end of December at the very latest

There are some exciting times ahead, and I hope you’ll all join me, and share my posts with friends and family. This is a new beginning, so don’t forget to subscribe for future updates.

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