So, it’s been a little while since I posted my last news update, which means it’s time for another one.

  • Those of you who have been paying attention will notice that the site has undergone yet another format change.
  • I liked the look of the last site layout, but it didn’t make reading blog posts or pages very easy, especially after introducing the sidebar.
  • So it had to go, and the new layout will give a much wider reading area than before, allowing me to do some things I wasn’t able to do before.
  • You’ll be seeing more cosmetic changes happening over the next few days as I get things settled.
  • There have also been a number of new items added to the online store, with many more coming in the next few weeks. Every item purchased helps cover the costs of getting my stories edited, and buying book covers.

What’s Coming In The Near Future?

  • I’ll continue to add new blog posts on the following schedule
    • Monday – Story Time / Book Spotlight
    • Thursday – Book Reviews / Site News 
    • Friday – Store Spotlight / Author Interview
  • I’m working on adding some exciting new options to the product line-up

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