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I’m an author, amateur falconer, book reviewer, and blogger, with a passion for books. This passion only grew when I started my first job, working at the local libraries.

Originally born in England during the mid-70s, I trained to become a computer engineer but discovered that I hated the work. So, when I moved to Alaska in 2005, to marry Sandi, I joined the retail service and haven’t looked back.

Click on the tabs below to learn a little more about the different aspects of my life, then click the “Learn More” button to uncover more of my story, and how I ended up moving from England to Alaska.

As an author, I write primarily in Urban Fantasy but have ventured into Science Fiction at the request of an anthology publisher that had featured one of my previous short stories.

I have released five of the “Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels” short stories, two of which are currently ONLY available in the Brain to Books “Book Dreams” anthologies.

I am currently working on “Of Wolves and Men”, the first novel to join the series. However, I have to admit that none of this would have been possible without my wife, Sandi. It’s her work that created what would become the “Shadows Over Seattle” setting, and we’ve made it a collaborative project, with plans for at least four novels.

As a blogger, I spent over four years running “Ramblings of an Author”, before moving to my blogging efforts to this website. 

I currently host author spotlights, book spotlights, story time readings, character interviews, book reviews, and a weekly spot about writing, and stories.

My main focus for the blog is fantasy, urban fantasy, and science fiction, with occasional appearances from other genres.

Ever since I took a day off school to attend a falconry demonstration, and had the opportunity to handle a Harris Hawk and a Barn Owl, I’ve been fascinated with birds of prey.

Over a lifetime of taking whatever chance I can get to handle and fly these magnificent creatures, I’ve handled more birds than I care to count. But the highlight of those experiences came when handling eagles for the first time at the Chesire Falconry Center in England.

I’ve been part of the CyCon scene since the the very first event in 2015, over on Goodreads. In 2016, I worked with Angela B. Chrysler to expand the annual event to Facebook, and Twitter. 

When we saw how fast the event was growing, I volunteered to take on the role of Fantasy genre manager, and helped coordinate events and setup for the Fantasy and Urban fantasy authors. I’ve continued to head up this genre ever since, except for 2019, when B2BCyCon took a break).

Helping fellow authors has become a passion of mine, and the B2BCyCon event is a massive part of that work.

When I heard that Brain to Books would be unable to host the event for 2019, I sought permission to continue the event. Teaming up with Our Write Side, I took on the role of Executive Director to run the 2019 OWSCyCon.

I learned a lot in the run-up to the event, including just how huge the B2BCyCon events had become. Having a great volunteer team really made a difference in getting everything done, and it gave me some new ideas to bring to B2BCyCon2020.

Available Short Stories

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Connect With Me:

I’m a very active person online, and love to chat with readers, authors and bloggers about the things we’re all passionate about.

We’re all very different individuals, but it’s amazing how often I’ve found things in common with people from the other side of the world, or from very different backgrounds.

Please feel free to reach out if you’re:

  • a reader who likes what you’ve read of mine, or wants to learn more
  • a writer interested in doing a book spotlight, author spotlight, or guest spot
  • a fellow book blogger who wants to collaborate on an event that might be of interest to my followers
  • a book store/library/book club/etc interested in doing a live event with me
  • interested in doing an interview with me
  • anyone I haven’t already mentioned

Honestly, I love getting to know people, especially when books, or writing connect us.

My Current Projects

Of Wolves & Men (Shadows Over Seattle: Book One)
Due:3 months
Evaline 1
Evaline Transcendent
Due:4 months
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