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Always looking out for new books, especially fantasy, urban fantasy & sci-fi
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Self publishing urban fantasy & science-fiction short stories. Working on my first urban fantasy novel, set in Seattle
Author Services
Blog slots: Author Interviews, Book Spotlights, Book Reviews, and Story Time (audio & video recordings)

Author Services

Getting spotted as an author can be difficult, especially for authors who don't have a huge online following. One solution to that is to point followers and potential readers to reviews, interviews, or samples of your work.

And that's where my author services come in, with the author involved every step of the way.

Author Interviews

This is your chance, as an author, to let readers learn a little more about you. Either answer some pre-selected questions, or pick your own. Then schedule a date for the interview to go live, and send followers to the link provided.

Book Spotlight

This is the chance to let your book shine, with a blog spot dedicated to showing off your book to potential readers. Your book cover, blurb, buyer links, and a brief author bio are a great way to attract potential readers.

Story-Time Reading

Have you ever wanted to hear your story read aloud? Well this is your chance to obtain an audio sample, and YouTube video, which you can use as promotional material.