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Who Is Timothy Bateson?


I've always been fascinated by stories and the written word. Is it any wonder that when my wife inspired an idea for a character I had to tell their story?
Check out "Shadows Over Seattle" to learn more.

Indie Supporter

I'm a huge supporter of my fellow indie authors, and offer several services that connect authors with readers. These range from hosted author and book promotions on my blog to the more in-depth Story Time audio samples.


Since 2015, I've been part of the B2BCyCon circuit, helping to bring readers and authors together from the comfort of their own homes.
I've been Fantasy Genre Manager, and a key event member since 2016.

FSFRL Moderator

I also help moderate and schedule posts for one of the most active genre groups on Facebook.
The Fantasy & Sci-Fi Readers Lounge always has something going on, including my Story Time readings.


As well as being a writer, and blogger, I'm also an avid reader. I lean toward science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, and the occasional short story set.
My reviews are posted on my blog, and on the site I purchased the book at.


I post several times a week, with topics ranging from book & author spotlights submitted by fellow indie authors to reviews, Story Time readings, and behind-the-scenes looks at what goes into being an author.

Avid Falconer

Before I was in my early teens I’d become fascinated by birds of prey. I’ve had the honor to have handled owls, hawks, falcons, buzzards and even a couple of eagles. My wife has also flown barn owls herself.

Retail Wage-Slave

Not content with all of the above, I also hold down a retail job, which helps make everything else possible.
As you can imagine, I get plenty of ideas for background characters in the process.

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Progress On My Current Projects

Of Wolves & Men (Shadows Over Seattle: Book One)
Phase:Draft #2 Writing
Due:3 days
Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels (Collection One)
Due:4 months ago
Evaline 1
Evaline Transcendent
Due:4 weeks ago

Recent Posts

Were-Creatures Then & Now by Jaq D. Hawkins

31 Days of Halloween - Oct 18 - WereCreatures Then Now
One of my fondest childhood memories is of repeatedly watching the 1941 Lon Chaney Jr. version of The Wolf Man. A scene that particularly stood out for me was when the Gypsy looks at the man’s palm and sees a pentagram appear, then fade again. This imprinted on my developing psyche so strongly that I gave it a nod in an amateur film of my own, Graveyard Shift: A Zomedy of Horrors (to be released on Amazon Prime in 2020).

Book Teaser – “Under A Hunter’s Moon”

31 Days of Halloween - Oct 17 - UaHM Video Trailer
Halloween marks the anniversary of the first publication of “Under A Hunter’s Moon”, the first of the “Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels” stories. Watch the book teaser, and find out how to get your copy!

Book Spotlight – Wolves’ Gambit

Book Spotlight - Wolves Gambit - PJ MacLayne
Wolf-shifter Lori Grenville was rescued from near-slavery and a brutal pack leader by the Free Wolves. To pay back the favor, she’s dedicated her life to helping others in the same situation, leading shifters to safety and a new start, risking her life in the process. She’s faced down alphas and has no qualms in undermining pack structure.

Story Time – Digging Up The Past by Lyssa Medana

31 Days of Halloween - Oct 13 - Story Time - Digging Up The Past
Timothy Bateson’s #StoryTime brings you “Digging Up The Past” in conjunction with “31 Days of Halloween”. Listen to a sample from this #Urban Fantasy story by Lyssa Medand, then pickup your copy to discover what happens next!

Be Daring & Connect With Me

I’m a very active person online, and love to chat with readers, authors and bloggers about the things we’re all passionate about.

Feel free to drop me an email through the form on the left, or connect with me through any of the services below.

I especially love to hear when people have picked up one of my books, read it, or even reviewed it. So, don’t be shy about sharing. You never know, I may just feature your review on my blog, or in future book promotions!

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